Fitness | November 3rd 2016

Studio Spotlight: Jane DO

Ok we’ll admit, we were dragged to our first class at Jane DO. It’s in Jersey City and we were thinking the same thing as you – wait, we have to take the Path? Well, we are grateful we went because we absolutely fell in love with Jacey and Dani and their kick-ass classes. Seriously, our booties were burning. After going back to Jersey City every week for the past month we knew we had to feature them in November for our studio spotlight. And even better? They’re offering all #HBFITgirls 20% a one time purchase with code HBFIT on their site.

So get your butts to their classes and read all about these Rockettes turned teachers and their DO IT philosophy below! 


What is Jane DO?

Jane DO is a fitness experience that allows every woman to find her strength inside the studio so she can take it outside the studio to DO incredible things.

How did you come up with the idea for Jane DO?

As former Radio City Rockettes (a combined 17 years!), we learned first that there is more to performing than perfecting choreography. We had to train like athletes to be in top physical condition.  

Dancing in up to six shows a day, six days a week, we rotated running, barre-based classes, strength training and dance lessons.  We needed a more comprehensive workout, something better. We crafted our own methodology based on the idea that it’s possible to have the strength of an athlete with the physique of a dancer.

We chose the name Jane DO because we wanted a name that clients could stand behind, that gives them something to believe in both inside and outside the studio. Jane is every woman, DO is her call to action. We chose the crown logo as a representation that each and every woman is the ruler of her own domain, that she holds the power to make change happen, and that she has the ability conquer all her goals.


How does Jane DO’s vibe as a studio differ from other studio cultures?

Jane DO fosters a judgment free zone that allows every woman to free themselves of inhibition and excuses. Our safe haven allows women to not only lift their ass, but also their spirit. Jane DO is based on the fact that confidence is every woman’s greatest strength. We don’t quantify success by inches or pounds lost, but instead by how you feel when you walk out the door. We want all women to conquer their goals, crown their achievements and rule not only their workout, but also their world.

What would you say to a beginner who might be intimidated to take a class?

While Jane DO fuses classical dance with traditional athletic conditioning, it doesn’t require women to be dancers or athletes. All of our classes are mixed level and modifications are provided throughout the duration of each and every class. We offer a variety of class types, so there is something for everyone.


Can you explain how physical health and movement connect to gratitude at Jane DO?

Happiness is fostered when a woman allows herself to move free of personal judgment. We believe that everyone should love themselves first and foremost. When women carve out time in their day for self love by taking an hour for their body and their minds, they can be the best version of themselves. Movement brings people together, releases endorphins and allows women to discover a newfound sense of empowerment.

What are you guys grateful for this time of year?

Having spent many holidays with our Radio City Rockette sisters, we appreciate the dedication our trainers put forth as they spend the holidays with our fit family rather than their own family so our clients can enjoy a guilt free holiday.  

We leave Jane DO always feeling grateful to our bodies and minds for getting us there and kicking ass in the workout. What are some tips you guys have for continuing to be grateful to ourselves outside of the studio, when we’re not working out?

Since we quantify success by confidence we encourage our clients to crown all their achievements both large and small.  This means taking the time to reward yourself with massages, nights out with the gals, or an hour of guilt free bravo TV.  Personally, we support anything that makes women feel more confident, like getting eyelash extensions, hair color, manicures, botox, or a shopping spree at Bandier.  You can continue to be grateful to yourself by giving yourself the things you deserve.


What’s on your playlist right now?

We’ve got a new playlist for every single class.  Right now we love GaGa’s new album, we also can stop listening to “I feel so bad” by Kungs, Ephemerals, and “Champion Lover – Tom Ferry Remix “Nina Sky, Tom Ferry”.  Some of our all time faves include “Like a stone” Audioslave, “Warwick Avenue” Duffy, and obviously “Gloria” Laura Branigan

What will be on your Thanksgiving table this year?

Like we said, we reward our accomplishments, and have two Thanksgiving dinners; one with our respective families and an annual “Friendsgiving” hosted by Jacey.  Last year, the firefighters were the first to arrive as Jacey’s oven went up in flames.  You can expect pinot noir, pinot noir, pinot noir and the traditional holiday fixings.  Danielle makes a mean sweet potato casserole, but don’t think there is anything healthy about it.  We always make sure to hit the studio before the main event and pack leftovers for lunch the days following.

Thank you Jane DO, we ADORE you guys!