Fitness | November 2nd 2017

Studio Spotlight: Liftonic

Dont’ get us wrong, we love a good cardio or yoga class…. but we have switched gears and are obsessed with Liftonic – a group weight training studio where we can get our sweat on and tone up!  This West Village spot has found a way into our hearts at HBFIT, so naturally we made sure to pass on all the info.  If you want to give this studio a try, they have offered HBFIT newsletter subscribers a sweet deal! Make sure to subscribe to get in on it:


What is the concept behind Liftonic? What inspired you to start it?

We teach the safest, most progressive weight training exercises that transform your body by actually building and toning muscle rather than burning calories. Even though most people agree that weight training is one of the best ways to change your body shape, improve posture, increase metabolism and burn fat- LIFTONIC is the first studio to offer this. I was sick and tired of seeing people injure themselves through hours of high impact cardio and not getting results.

Tell us what a class is like. Who is a typical guest?

You start with a short body-weight warms up followed by 45 min of a combination of weights and body weight moves. We cater to such a wide range of clients as everyone can choose the weights that suits their strength level. Typically we see an even male/female split aged 22 to 38.

What are the benefits of a weights focused workout?

1) No impact – which means less injuries
2) Improves posture by strengthening muscles in the balanced way
3) Increases metabolism (not just for two hours after class) which help you bern fat when you’re not exercising
4) Burns fat not muscle – only a weights based method will help you build and tone muscle so you maintain your metabolism and help you maintain your results.
5) You can work at your own pace by selecting the weights that suits your strength level

What kind of classes do you offer?

We split the body into segments:

Arms and Abs
Full Body
Legs and Shoulders
Legs and Butt
Chest and Back
Abs and Core

What is the Liftonic motto or philosophy?

We believe that easy to follow, safe, weight training is the key to long term results.

What kind of music will we be listening during the class?

Everything from deep house, to hip hop to some rock. Everything in-between except no top 40 and certainly no Taylor Swift….ever!