Fitness | March 2nd 2018

Studio Spotlight: Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club is a running club and studio based in NYC that focuses on building your overall strength and endurance as a runner. Visit MHRC to feel motivated, have fun, and to receive key running strategies from experts and fellow runners. They also have a sweet discount our newsletter subscribers this month – so sign up today!

  1. Explain the philosophy behind your unique approach to running?

    Our philosophy is to stay true to the sport. Running is a sport first and foremost. We honor proven training strategies that have existed since the benefits of intervals were identified in the early part of the 20th Century.

  1. Do you have sessions for beginners and advanced runners?

    If so, what classes would you recommend to each? Yes, I would recommend the DASH 28 class for new runners and the DISTANCE class for the most advanced competitors. Both classes incorporate intervals with speed, tempo, incline, and recovery.

  1. Can you break down a typical class to someone who has never been before?

    A new customer who comes to the DASH 28 class will start on the floor with a 4-minute active dynamic warm up. After the warm up, we hop on the tread for 28 minutes total (including the cool down), and a runner will typically run between 2 and 3 miles depending on pace. After the run, we return to the floor for 10-minutes of strength + power training (with Kettlebells) that support running. The DASH CORE is exactly the same structure, however the strength + power training is core-focused. The other classes (DIRTY 30, HIGH 45, & DISTANCE) are running only classes with 100% of the programming on the tread.

  1. How does MHRC differ from other running clubs in the city?

    MHRC is different from other clubs in the sense that we are an extension of the running community that exists. We have an incredibly robust outdoor program and prepare runners for races with our group training plans for various fitness levels that are offered throughout the year. Training runners for races and supporting them on that journey is something we really focus on and enjoy.

  2. What can people expect to get out of a class at MHRC?

    A lot of our customers will say they always feel really “energized” after taking a class at Mile High. Some runners who have ambitious race goals will receive the benefit of performance gains associated with this type of training and crush their PR’s. A few common denominators to always expect in every class are motivation, fun, and instruction on proper running form + an expertly structured program.

  3. Tell us more about your marathon training programs, and your MHRC Team. What are the benefits of taking part in these?

    Team MHRC is gaining traction on the road and track racing circuit in NYC. Our team meets every Tuesday morning at 7am in NOHO for a complimentary outdoor run lead by one our team captains – Vinnie Miliano, Scott Carvin, or Corinne Fitzgerald. The 18-week marathon training program offers three coached runs per week + a customized plan designed by Olympian and Coach John Henwood who oversees our race programs at Mile High. As part of the marathon training plan, we offer weekend long runs that are split into pace groups and coached track workouts for the speed work. Both programs are socially engaging, which strengthens our community.

  4. What tunes do you guys play during a class? What are your favorites right now?

    We play a wide variety of genres and styles at Mile High. Each coach brings his/her own musical taste to the class. Two tracks I personally love are Fedde Le Grand’s “Let Me Think About It” Celebration Remix and John Newman’s “Love Me Again.” There are so many! Anything by Rihanna is always motivating to me. MHRC Coach Ryan McCann has a very eclectic and contemporary music selection (with a few classics) that I absolutely LOVE.

  5. If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best, what would it be?

    Sleep! Get as much quality sleep as you can.