Fitness | January 3rd 2018

Studio Spotlight: P.volve

P.volve is an NYC-based fitness studio that focuses on “pre-hab” – an approach that works on elongating your shape and eliminating bulk. They also have an amazing streaming option for any of our non-NYC-based readers, and our newsletter subscribers receive an awesome discount for streaming and other online purchases for the month of January 2018! Use your discount code for streaming here, and your discount code for products and classes here.

How did the idea to open P.volve come about?
I moved to NY several years ago to become a trainer and women kept coming to me confused by how their body was reacting to high-intensity workouts; they were bulking up instead of getting leaner. After observing different workouts and personal training sessions, I realized that many of these women were being trained like men – how I used to train for football. So, I set out to develop a workout that integrated my background in physical therapy that was low-impact, functional and highly effective for creating a natural, proportionate, toned physique. When I started testing out my method with clients and seeing amazing results, I knew I was on to something.

What is the concept behind P.volve?
The concept behind P.volve is quite different than what’s out there in the fitness scene – I like to call my method ‘pre-hab’ – integrating my physical therapy experience to activate and strengthen the muscles without pulsing or fatiguing them, so to prevent injury. By changing the angle of your hips or your foot position, there’s dozens of variations and each one is going to elicit a different reaction from those muscles.

This is a workout you can easily do every day and continuously evolve with. Each movement has been carefully developed over time to push muscles past the plateau points, trimming bulk and creating visible definition. As my clients begin to master the moves, they find the workout getting harder because they’re learning how to properly activate the glutes, taking the pressure out of the legs (which counteracts a lot of popular workout methods!) and see more range of motion in the hips, which helps reduce any inflammation.

With many other workouts and classes, people find themselves feeling sore and exhausted, which can actually be dangerous. The pain you are feeling is your body signaling that its muscles are breaking down, which is why with my pre- hab approach, you will excite the muscles, but do so in a way that takes care of them.

What kind of workouts do you offer at P.volve? What is a typical class like?
My workout is a low impact, anti-pulse method that focuses on small, deliberate moves that tone the body. Through a mix of physical therapy, functional training and hip-opening exercises, you learn how to activate and strengthen hard-to-target muscles. Since the glutes are the body’s biggest muscle group, most of my workouts focus on that; once you learn how to properly activate your glute muscles, you’re on your way to achieving a lifted, perkier butt, and everything else will follow – perfect form, better posture, stronger core, etc. Every class follows the same philosophy, but in terms of the moves and format, it’s always different because there are hundreds of different movements to target those small muscles!

How does P.volve’s vibe as a studio differ from other studio cultures? 
P.volve doesn’t have the smoke and mirrors like other studios do – it’s comfortable, inviting, unintimidating and very results-driven. My clients are there to see self improvement and understand their bodies better. My goal is to create an educational experience – it’s not about how many reps you can do or how fast you do a certain movement – it’s about understanding WHY you’re doing a move and how it helps elongate, open and/or tone a certain muscle. I also like to keep my classes small and intimate, so everyone feels like they’re getting a one-on-one session with me. Post-class, we all stretch and chat versus running out the door.

What is the P.volve mantra?
My mantra is “you want your muscles singing, not screaming.” This saying echoes my focus on low-impact, pre-hab exercises that tone your body, while also protecting the joints. Taking good care of your body is key!

If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best in and out of the studio, what would it be? 
Take care of your joints! When you’re doing an exercise, ask yourself  – why are you doing this move, what is its benefit and how is this workout/exercise going to enhance my life. P.volve is all about functional training and replicating movements you do in your every day life, so these inner questions are crucial to my philosophy and method.

What music are you playing in your studio right now?
I like switching it up between rap and deep house music – I’ll go from Cardi B and Yo Gotti to Kygo, Tiesto and Jax Jones. My workout requires a mind-body connection where we’re focusing a great deal of attention to the muscles and movement, which almost puts you in a trance. House music complements my workout, helps my creative process and gets my clients going!