Beauty | June 10th 2019

Studio Spotlight: Robin Evans Brows

We are so excited for this month’s Studio Spotlight, Robin Evans Brows in New York. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Robin is known as The Brow Master and has received rave reviews from Allure Magazine, New York Magazine and Refinery 29. Robin is offering an exclusive 25% off for brow shaping and styling for all of June. Make sure you subscribe to the HBFIT newsletter to find out how to redeem!

Tell us about your approach to brows. Why is taking care of your eyebrows so important?

Brows that are cleaned up make your overall look and feel polished. Both with make up, and personal style. I find most clients want two types of shapes.

What distinguishes your technique from other eyebrow specialists?

I’ve been doing brows for over 25 years, and my style has always been more on the natural side. So I’ve never been into trends. But I do love the new fuller fluffy brow trend. My style tends to be one of two things: A classic which is more sleek and and trimmed and either straight or softly arched, however never too thin. Or a more youthful boho brow that’s full and brushed up, but not too long and feathery and editorial.

Are the products you use clean/non-toxic? 

Yes! Everything I use from wax to pencils is paraben free and fragrance free.

Walk us through what a new client can expect when they visit you.

I’m so excited to meet new clients, and they’re so excited too!  I really love what I do so it’s such a great experience to meet new people. Once I get my client in my chair, I ask them what they’re looking for, even though I usually have a good idea from their personal style, and the shape of their face, but of course I ask anyway and want their input. I also ask if they’re using anything on their skin like retin A differin, so I know whether or not I need to be extra careful with prepping the skin and whether or not I choose to wax. Then I prep their skin with a lavender oil blend, and start the shaping process.

What are the different types of services do you offer?

I also offer brow tinting a lash tinting, lash lifting, and facial treatments.

Do you have an opinion on waxing vs. tweezing?

I almost always wax. It’s just so much cleaner. I offer a tweeze only service for those that need it.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best, what would it be?

Be yourself. And know and embrace your personal style.