Fitness | February 2nd 2018

Studio Spotlight: Shadowbox

Shadowbox is an awesome NYC-based boxing studio with a focus on full-body fitness. These intense 45 minute workouts combine cardio and strength training for all-encompassing results. Bonus? They’re giving HBFIT newsletter subscribers a discount! Make sure you get yours by signing up here. If you have the newsletter code, click here for 10% off classes and training sessions. If you’d like to sign up for your first class for $20, click here.

Tell us a little about Shadowbox. How did it start?

What started as a personal journey to relieve the stress of the NYC grind, Shadowbox founder Daniel Glazer quickly saw an opportunity to share the unbeatable benefits of a boxing workout with those less inclined to courageously walk into a flight club. Glazer was dedicated to creating an approachable and thoughtful fitness experience without compromising any authenticity to the craft of boxing.

What kind of work out is it? What will you expect to get out of it?

Shadowbox is a full-body fitness boxing workout. Meditative, sweat-dripping sessions that combine guided rounds on the heavy bag, and head-to-toe conditioning. Be prepared to make the most out of 45-minutes, as this is a two-for-one cardio and strength workout. There’s nothing more empowering than punching a Shadowbox heavy bag— you’ll leave covered in sweat but also with a clear mind and sharp focus.

Who is the target demo? Do you need to be athletic or have a fitness background to try it?

Shadowbox classes are truly for everybody…no matter your fitness level. You will be introduced to boxing fundamentals and technique, no experience necessary. While the class is in a group setting, it’s an individualized experience — you’re in control of the output and how much you push yourself. It’s 45-minutes of challenging work that’s personal to you, both physically and mentally.

What’s Shadowbox’s mantra? If they could give one piece of advice to someone trying to be their best selves what would it be?

Shadowbox is whatever you need it to be. Whether you need class to be therapeutic, supportive or heart-pounding. On any given day, you are in control of the 45-minutes. Boxing as a sport is incredibly process-driven; at Shadowbox we encourage you to embrace your process, the good, the bad and the ugly. Whether it’s your journey with fitness, your career, or your personal growth, remember the reward is in the process.

HBFIT is all about a whole approach to self care, taking care of your mind and body. How does Shadowbox approach self care?

The real benefits of Shadowbox reach far beyond any physical or vanity results that you’ll inherently see.  The workout requires your full physical and mental attention, creating an immersive feeling of energy, focus, empowerment and straight up fun. There’s nothing better you can give yourself than that.

What tunes do you guys play during a class? What are your favorites right now?

Our roster of SBX Instructors all bring their own style to class along with their own taste in music! One thing you can count on is that the playlists are dynamic. They fire you up, make you want to move and help drive the energy throughout class. Some of our favorites right now: Major Lazer, Know No Better (RIVERO Remix) & Calvin Harris, Faking It (Chachi & Dstar Remix)