Health | August 1st 2018

Studio Spotlight: Sky Ting Yoga

We’ve been obsessing over Sky Ting Yoga since they opened their first studio and are so excited to highlight them as our Studio Spotlight for the month of August! You’ll be hooked on Sky Ting from the moment you enter the highly aesthetic studios, run by the sweetest employees and flooded with natural light. Embrace your most zen self and escape August in the city and subscribe to our newsletter to get a special HBFIT x Sky Ting discount!

What distinguishes Sky Ting from other yoga studios?

Probably one of the most distinguishing factors that sets us apart from other studios is our keen focus on the design of our spaces. We take great care in choosing our locations, and our build-outs are meticulous, keeping in line with our aesthetic and overall design. Everything — our website, our merchandise, our studios, our Instagram — is carefully curated and thought out. Another major distinguishing aspect of our studio is the yoga itself. Our movement style is functional, practical, and fun. We like to give our students techniques to enhance their bodies and minds, and we’re more interested in longevity than fads or trends.

Walk us through what a Sky Ting newbie can expect from their first class.

You’ll be welcomed into our space by a warm front-desk staff member, followed by a brief tour to show you our lounge spaces, merchandise, and bright, light-filled studios. In class, we hope to make you feel welcome, but also challenged — perhaps with a tough posture that a teacher workshops, breathwork that asks you to sift through and clean the body, or even the most challenging task of sitting quietly for a few breaths in the present moment. We mix the serious and austere work of the practice with jokes and lightheartedness.

You guys play music during most of your classes. How does that impact a yoga practice?

For us, music can be a way to both keep rhythm and pacing through class, but to also to keep the practice relevant for our students. While doing the work, we want to be able to stay present. In a city like New York, that can be difficult, given the constant distractions. In a way, music can be used as a minor challenge to help you develop your focus on the task at hand. Or, sometimes, it’s just fun to play Mariah Carey and smile while doing something tough.

Can people with different levels of experience take classes at Sky Ting? Which classes do you recommend for each experience level?

We have our open-level “Sky Ting Yoga” class regularly on the schedule. If you’re new to the practice, we do have beginners’ classes on weekdays and weekends, which can be great if you’re just starting out. Katonah Yoga is great for someone interested in really diving deep into the alignment and geometry of a pose, and can be helpful if you’re working with an injury, since it’s slower. We also have specialty classes, including advanced, restorative, and prenatal classes, which go deeper into certain areas of yoga.

You have some of the most beautiful, open spaces in New York City. Why is the physical space important at Sky Ting?

Living in NYC, we’re often confined to small spaces: a cubicle, a crowded train car, a small apartment, etc. Before we opened SKY TING, we recognized a hole in the market for a yoga space that felt the same way the practice made us feel on the inside: spacious, at ease, and safe. So, when opening up the studio, we knew that our space was going to have to be some place that could match that feeling for us.

What do you want people to take away from their yoga practice with you?

One thing our teacher Nevine Michaan has always talked about is that yoga can be magic, but in order to make magic, you need good technique. For us, this practice continues to be there like a strong backbone, and we use it every day to help us find clarity and ease amidst the busyness of everyday life. Yoga is not our life, but it’s a tool that we use to enhance our lives.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best, what would it be?

We’ll share just a bit of wisdom Bill Murray once dropped at a press conference: “You can ask yourself, ‘What’s it like to be me?’ You know, the only way we’ll ever know what it’s like to be you is if you work your best at being you as often as you can, and keep reminding yourself: That’s where home is.”