Fitness | April 3rd 2017

Studio Spotlight: Sweat Yoga

We’re super excited to be teaming up with Sweat Yoga for our April Studio Spotlight. As we go into this month focusing on mindfulness, we found it appropriate to pay a few visits to one of our favorite yoga studios in the city. We love Sweat Yoga because they encourage you to be mindful of your moves, your body, and your sweat. Plus, HBFIT readers can use the code HBFIT to receive 20% off a one-time purchase at the NYC location! We can’t wait to flow all month long with you guys, so come book a class and we’ll see you on the mat.



You guys have locations in both New York and LA, where there are so many great yoga studios. How does the studio vibe at Sweat Yoga differ from other studio cultures?

We don’t emphasize textbook perfect alignment, but rather what is perfect for your body. We’re a moving meditation that links breath and movement to great tunes. Connecting to yourself doesn’t have to mean sitting in silence in meditation. We’re an athletic practice and we preach light-heartedness, fun, and community. The way we teach is how we as teachers practice on our own. Also, we’ve spent a lot of time in creating beautifully designed spaces that are clean, (a necessity for hot yoga!) with spacious locker rooms fully equipped with everything you might need. Our teachers are also a huge part of what makes us special. They are not only incredibly knowledgeable, but have awesome personalities and killer playlists.


We love that Sweat offers a contemporary version of yoga that works for the way we live today. Can you expand on that concept and how it’s executed in class?

We treat our classes as a one-hour retreat from daily life.  Our teachers don’t over teach and acknowledge that each practice is unique to the individual. We teach our students an A, B, and C sequence and then allow time between each for students to flow on their own. It’s never about nailing the sequence- it’s about moving with your breath and getting out of your head. It’s the perfect balance between instruction and personal space!


 How did you decide to name the studio?
We decided to name the studio Sweat Yoga because sweating is what takes place in our yoga rooms!



How do you want someone to feel walking out of a class at Sweat?

Like you could go kick some ass! Not literally (Ahimsa, non-violence…), but empowered in whatever life is throwing at you off that mat. A quieter mind and a healthy body preps you for a whole lot more than just yoga- it spills over into every aspect of your life.


We love hot yoga, so we think it’s awesome that the Sweat classes are heated up to 102 degrees. What would you tell someone who has never done hot yoga before and is scared to try a class?

We gauge the room based on a lot of things- the weather, humidity, and how many bodies are in the space.  When class starts, the temperature is set lower, and as you start to move and build internal heat, we bring the room up around you so that it matches your body heat.  Additionally, we use air misters that push out a light fog to humidify the space, these make the surrounding environment feel like a warmly enveloping hug.  While all this is happening, we are still filtering and cycling fresh air throughout the space.  The heat is a prop that allows your body to open easier and go deeper into your practice in a shorter amount of time, while also increasing your heart rate for cardiovascular endurance.  Our format allows space for anyone at any level to find their edge, and sometimes that means pushing on through and sometimes that means taking a break.  /our classes are about moving in a way that feels great to you.


Do you guys have classes for different levels or are the beginners placed in the same classes as experienced yogis?

At Sweat, all of our signature sweat-flow classes are open level.  Our format allows each student the space to make each flow their own.  You will be guided into a short sequence, given time to absorb it and repeat what you just learnt; what you remember from what you just learnt; or to get creative and make it your own.  It’s not about getting it perfect it’s about exploring movement within your body and moving in a way that makes you feel great!  Sometimes it can take 3 or 4 classes to click but when it does its one of the most liberating yoga experiences you will find. We also have a Slo-Flow and ROOTS class, which allow more time for instruction and focus more on the basics. Both are great ways to ease into our regular format.


What’s one thing you wish more people knew about hot yoga?

That you’re going to feel amazing, grounded yet revitalized with a deeper connection to yourself and others when you walk out, those that sweat together stay together!  The heat makes you feel great, but it’s such a little part of what we do. Creative flows, smiles, and music that makes you want to groove is the focus! Also, hot yoga cures a hangover! Sweat that shit out, but drink a lot of water before.



What jams are you guys currently playing in the studio?

Not an easy answer, we are constantly on the prowl for new stuff!  Vô Lá by Karol Conká is an awesome flow song. Anything by Lizzo manages to be fun and empowering. But follow us on Spotify!


Our theme for the month of April at HBFIT is MINDFULNESS. How is mindfulness incorporated into the classes at Sweat?

Sweat is a moving meditation, an hour to go within yourself just you and your mat.  We champion the individual, so mindfulness is being truthful to yourself in how you feel.  Do you have a ton of energy or is the day more laid back?  Either is great, but embracing that and adjusting your practice to what you need is mindfulness at it’s best.