Fitness | September 19th 2017

Studio Spotlight: Tone House

Tone House is the first-ever extreme, athletic-based group fitness studio aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone!  Sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun, and supportive, guaranteeing optimal fitness results.  Tone House delivers rigorous workouts, treating all of their clients like professional athletes. We guarantee you’ll be dripping in sweat after a session here–in fact, we’ve heard from multiple fitness gurus that it is the toughest workout in the city!  We asked them to tell us a bit more about their kickass studio. And bonus! use the code HBFIT for $10 off the Rookie Pass.


Tell us a little about Tone House. How did it start?

Tone House was created by Alonzo Wilson, a former collegiate and professional athlete as well as private trainer in New York City, and current Wilhelmina Fitness Model. The high level of physical & mental training he achieved during his formative years shaped his vision that fitness and exercise should be integrated into everyone’s life. Alonzo felt the public was ready and yearning to take their fitness journey to the next level. His decision to open Tone House stemmed from a desire to fill a void in the industry – allowing the mainstream to experience the extreme in athletic-based training.


What kind of work out is it? What will you expect to get out of it?

Tone House℠ is the first-ever extreme, athletic-based group fitness studio aimed at unleashing the inner athlete in everyone. Sessions are team-oriented, competitive, fun, and supportive, guaranteeing optimal fitness results. Whether an elite athlete, or just wanting to train like one, Tone House’s goal is to bring sports conditioning workouts to the mainstream and help individuals improve their mental and physical health and become better overall athletes and people.


Who is the target demo? Do you need to be athletic or have a fitness background to try it?

Yes, Tone House is for anyone! From the competitive athlete, to the avid fitness enthusiast interested in cross training or changing their fitness routine, to the novice focused on becoming healthier, Tone House will challenge your mind and body, safely and effectively.

Do men do the workout?


What’s Tone House’s mantra?

Unleash Your Inner Athlete

If they could give one piece of advice to someone trying to be their best selves what would it be?

We believe that every individual has the capacity to be like the athletes they admire, and to train like them.

HBFIT is all about a whole approach to self care, taking care of your mind and body. How does Tone House approach self care?

Tone House believes that if you train like an athlete, you need to recover like an athlete. Recovery is an integral part of every athlete’s sports performance, and this is especially true at the elite training level at Tone House. Designed specifically for the Tone House athlete, Tone House’s Recovery Program is designed to establish recovery as an integral part of our athletes’ training regimens in order to reach peak performance on and off the Turf and optimal levels of health and activity. Whether you’re looking to manage repetitive physical stress from training, prevent injury, or improve/enhance overall performance, our RECOVERY programs are designed to get you to those goals.

What tunes do you guys play during a class? What are your favorites right now?

Here’s one of our favorite playlists, Goin Ham!