Health | December 3rd 2018

Studio Spotlight: WTHN

This month, we’re excited to share a brand new studio and concept, WTHN, for our Studio spotlight. WTHN is the first of its kind – a modern acupuncture studio that offers memberships to help make acupuncture accessible, especially to those who have never tried it. As always, we’re excited to offer a unique discount specifically for HBFIT newsletter subscribers for the month of December – sign up here to subscibe! Learn more from co-founders Dr. Auth and Michelle Larivee:

Tell us about WTHN.
WTHN is a brand new acupuncture experience – personalized, ultra-modern and convenient for your life. Our mission is acupuncture for all – to help others stay healthy and feel better so they can lead happy, fulfilled lives every day. WTHN was created to make acupuncture accessible and demystify how it works + what it’s good for.  The first ever acupuncture brand to offer a membership, WTHN wants to make acupuncture a staple part of everyone’s wellness routine.

What distinguishes WTHN from other types of acupuncture?
WTHN is a 360 healing experience that activates all five senses from the lighting and artwork, to our proprietary sound therapy, heated tables for total comfort and complimentary tea. We are the first acupuncture studio to offer a membership model that makes it affordable and convenient for your lifestyle.
All of our Healers are NY State Licensed Acupuncturists with a minimum three years of training and a Master’s Degree in Chinese medicine. In addition, our Healers are all trained by WTHN Co-Founder, Dr. Shari Auth in the WTHN proprietary methods. We have a curated wellness boutique of unique and affordable natural healing products that can continue the WTHN natural healing experience at home for maximum benefit.

Walk us through what a WTHN newbie can expect from their first visit.
A first timer will feel totally transported when they walk into WTHN – A healing oasis in the middle of Manhattan. When you first enter the space, our friendly team will say hi and give you a studio tour, and you’ll be able to browse the treatment menu and ask our team any questions. To give people the chance to go offline to realign, we have lockers to store your belongings before getting cozy in our wellness lounge – a place for some extra “you” time before or after a treatment. Intro sessions for new kids on our acu-block include an extra 15 minute acu-sessment to answer any questions and make sure you’re on the right treatment plan. After a treatment you’ll get a personalized treatment plan from your Healer.

What are the different types of services or treatments you offer?
We have designed a treatment menu that is easy to understand and navigate with some of the most common conditions. It is divided into three categories: Prevent, Heal, and Glow. Because Chinese medicine is a preventative health based system, the Prevent menu focuses on optimizing your health and includes the key things everyone is walking around with – stress, fatigue, anxiety. The Heal menu includes some of the more popular use cases for acupuncture, including pain relief, women’s health, digestion and sleep. Our Healers are trained to work on a multitude of conditions, and can ultimately customize a treatment to meet your needs.  Our Glow menu is our ancient Chinese beauty secret – a facial rejuvenation treatment that leaves you looking and feeling acu-flawless. Perfect for the multitasker, Glow reduces wrinkles and firms skin by increasing collagen and elastin production. In addition Glow will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Which services do you recommend for first timers?
All our service are perfect for first timers, and we created our treatment menu with some of the most common conditions that serves a guide and starting point. All of our treatments are customized to the personal health goals of our clients. You don’t have to be in pain or have a health condition to get acupuncture – it’s also great to boost your immunity, fight fatigue + stress and keep you healthy.

Why is the physical space important at WTHN?
WTHN is a new journey for acupuncture. We wanted to create a healing oasis that feels like an escape and a place to decompress from the NYC hustle. From the lighting, colors, textures and aromas, all the design aspects work together to guide your journey into a more relaxed and centered state or mind.

What do you want people to take away from their visit with you?
No matter what type of health or wellness goals you have, we have designed the WTHN experience to empower people to achieve their goals. We want people to leave feeling better then when they arrived and knowing they can count on us, every time.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best, what would it be?
Create space and time for yourself – time to empty your mind of thoughts and let go. I find that when I’m lying on an acupuncture table and my mind finally slows down is when I have a moment of clarity and my body has a chance to heal. Check out and check in.