Health | July 2nd 2018

Studio Spotlight: Y7

We’re super amped to share this month’s studio spotlight, Y7. At Y7 you can flow through your hot Vinyasa practice while getting down to the likes of Chance the Rapper and Cardi B. With an upbeat and fresh spin on yoga, Y7 is sure to earn a spot in your all-time favorite workout classes. Don’t forget to subscribe to HBFIT’s newsletter for an exclusive discount.

What distinguishes Y7 from other yoga experiences?

 When clients walk into a Y7 location I want the experience to immediately feel welcoming. Our lobby is bright, clean and simple. The yoga room is dark, candlelit, heated and has no mirrors. It is truly an environment where each client can make the experience their own. You get to focus on your breath, your body, your movement without the distraction of mirrors and other things you may focus on in a well lit room.

What can a Y7 newbie expect from their first class? 

 They can expect to sweat, be out of breath and get lost in the music all at the same time.

How should someone feel after their first Y7 class? Sore? Energized?

 Energized and clear headed. What I want is for our clients to walk out of class feeling light – like whatever they were carrying coming into class has been washed away by spending an hour getting lost in the practice.

How does music motivate and inspire the practice of yoga? 

Music has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on the brain whether it comes to studying or working out. At Y7, we use the beat of the music to drive the breath and pace of the poses. And honestly, it is a lot easier to hold a 2-minute forearm plank when you’re lost in the latest Cardi B track.

Can people with different levels of experience take classes at Y7? Which classes do you recommend for each experience level? 
Y7 is open-level. Anyone of any experience is welcome in class. The classes were designed with the ‘flow on your own’ format so that the more experienced yogi is able to add in binds or inversions and someone who is just beginning their practice is able to take their time or maybe eliminate a pose or two that they dont feel is right for their body.
Can you provide us with a short pump-up playlist to play on our ride to our first Y7 class? We’re ready to get started!