Fitness | May 1st 2018

Studio Spotlight: B MVMNT

We are so thrilled to shine a spotlight on B MVMNT for our May Studio Spotlight. B MVMNT is a *brand new* fitness studio here in New York. Read on for more details from the studio’s founder, Bizzie Gold, and make sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive a serious discount – an entire month free!

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  1. You are a brand new studio – congrats! Can you break down a typical class so your visitors know what to expect?

Each of our classes utilize the spiral structure technique® to challenge the body along all planes of motion while integrating the emotional, physical and energetic bodies. The music drives the class sequencing like an internal GPS and every beat drop brings a transition or movement variation that keeps your body guessing. Classes range 30-90 minutes in length and vary between non-heated and infrared heated.

THIS IS HOW WE DO IT [ how to make the most of your experience ]


Let go of internal conflicts and mental chatter. Check in with your intuition and select an area of focus you feel that you need to release + put it up on the board.


Stop thinking about what you look like and falling into the comparison game. This practice is going to force you out of your comfort zone and that starts with bringing awareness to your brain’s willingness to tear you down by comparing yourself to others.


This is YOUR time to get out of your thoughts + analysis and into your BODY. You’re about to step into a magical place that allows you to integrate your human experience instead of escaping into your head. Welcome home.


You’re an adult and you can do what you want. Students often vocalize their experience in class. Maybe you swear or maybe you cry. Do you boo. No one gets sent to timeout.


We know you are in a rush and life always feels like it’s slipping through your fingertips. Take your savasana time seriously and BREATHE. It’s only 2 1/2 minutes.


We cultivate leaders NOT followers. You don’t need to ask permission to go to the bathroom or come in late. Use your judgement and use your leadership skills to guide your decision making.


Grab some mat spray and clean up your sweat-fest. It’s time to SLAY the day and step into the life you were always meant to lead.


  1. Explain the unique spiral structure technique® that you use in your classes.

Spiral Structure Technique® challenges the body to move through ALL planes of motion using deep stabilizing muscles to transform the look, feel and function of the entire body. Unlike many forms of strength training that favor a linear approach, all B MVMNT classes focus on functional and primal movement sequencing to build long, lean muscle tone while stimulating the emotional and physical detox of the body from the cellular level. What does this all mean? More chiseled abs, lifted glutes with the bonus of overall hormonal balance, enhanced nervous system function and euphoric mood from your new-found sustainable self-love.

  1. Do you have sessions for beginners and more advanced athletes? If so, what classes would you recommend to each? 

We have a unique approach to the beginner mindset – we simply don’t allow people to label themselves as such. We believe everyone has the ability to step into their inner warrior or competitive athlete and in the process of self-selecting as a “beginner” they often slow their process to that transformative place. We teach and cue people into safe poses with specific modifications to keep themselves in proper alignment. We don’t, however, separate people based on perceived skill level – in our opinion they are often incorrect about their assessment. Everyone gets to the finish line together and with a supportive smile – no competition. Does that mean we don’t have students floating and transitioning through arm balances? NO. We have tons of advanced students but they treat their leadership positions with care and hold space for others to see what they can one day achieve if they stick to their practice. We don’t have time for the “that’s my spot” mentality. Students with that mindset can show themselves to the door. We are all peers when we practice together.


  1. How does B MVMNT differ from other fitness studios in the city?

Classes at B MVMNT help you get out of your head and into your body. Our practice seamlessly connects primal movement, dance-cardio sprints, and dynamic yoga asana to increase flexibility, build strength and facilitate emotional detox – all in one sweat session. New Yorkers are busy and always on the go making B MVMNT classes an ideal way to get the best of all movement modalities in one 60 minute session.  Music guides our classes like an internal GPS – so don’t expect to hear 8 counts or reps.  The beat blended movement takes you to a magical place that helps you integrate your human experience instead of escape it.  All formats incorporate elements of shaking + vibration to help release stored trauma and stimulate cellular reorganization.  

SELF Magazine called us “OM meets OMG.”

The LA TIMES called us “the best way to get your zen without making trips to both the yoga studio and the gym.”

  1. What can people expect to get out of a class at B MVMNT?

Expect to break a sweat, get breathless and smile bigger than you have in the last year.  We teach people to shift their perspective of working out to MOVING and from punishment to CELEBRATION. Pushing your body through a challenging class and the sweat session that comes with it serves as a unique opportunity to integrate and move through the emotional baggage of your day. Students are dancing together, yelling together and all hitting the epic moment of oxytocin release where you see perfect strangers look at each other with unconditional love and trust. Students frequently tell us that within the first two classes they were able to reclaim pieces of themselves they never knew were missing.  The big bonus? Our average calorie burn per 60 min class is 650-900.

  1. What tunes do you guys play during a class? What are your favorites right now?

Here are a few playlists from recent classes. We tend to focus on tribal or drum inspired EDM and emerging world genres that pump the bass and inspire us to think and move outside the box.

A few favorite artists


DJ Shub


A few of our favorite playlists

7. If you could give one piece of advice to someone to feel their best, what would it be?

“Everyone and their Mother talks about self-love but most of that talk leads to anxiety unless you actually KNOW [ or learn ] HOW to love yourself. Self-love can often be a New Age-y, intangible concept that people misunderstand as waking up everyday feeling Beyonce flawless. That is virtually never the case. Self-love comes in the form of changing priorities, stronger boundaries, following through on commitments and catching the moments of negative self-talk that ALL start when you disrupt your daily habits and turn off your brain’s autopilot.  Everything we teach at B MVMNT is about transformation stemming from a physiologic shift. A shift you can’t ignore that then changes the way you perceive the world around you.  It’s one of the deepest truths about this practice and the complementary lifestyle so many students adopt with it.

When you step into my studio, you’re not here just to polish your facade. What’s better than rock hard abs? Feeling unshakable confidence and  vibrance before your abs even start to show.”  – Bizzie Gold, Founder B MVMNT, Buti®, Break Method & Gol