Beauty | June 4th 2017

Sundays are for Skincare: The Serums That Changed My Skin

We get a lot of amazing and a lot of not so amazing products sent to us here at the HBFIT office. We always try everything because we like to know what the latest and greatest is. However, every so often a standout product will cross our desks and we become obsessed. To honor these obsessions we’ll be starting a new series throughout our Sundays are for Skincare campaign where we give candid, honest reviews of our favorites. For Olivia those products were the Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique serums, which she claims changed her skin. Check out why she recommends these to everyone she knows.

I discovered the Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique serums back at the end of last year when they were sent to our office. I struggle from serious hormonal cystic acne, and while I have done various courses of antibiotics and tried countless products and treatments to help but nothing has really worked except for Snapchat filters, which I relied on to cover my zits or to complain about them. So when I learned these serums were specifically targeted towards my skin type I thought why the hell not? A month in, I was hooked. I call these 3 bottles of magic the Holy Trinity – they’re that good.


A typical snap from me pre-Holy Trinity. LOOK AT THAT ACNE!


Marie-Veronique, a chemist, who suffered from teenage acne and adult rosacea, started her own line of products when she couldn’t find anything on the market that was clean and effective. Kristina Holey is a celebrated skin care specialist, who focuses on the scientific and holistic processes of the body. The two came together to develop their line to address inflammation, which I didn’t realize is actually the underlying cause of ACNE PEOPLE.

What distinguishes their line from every other “natural” serum under the sun is that their focus was results, moving away from ritualistic and highly fragrant oils and balms to truly functional products. They use microceutical ingredients to kick-start the biosynthetic processes, while avoiding ingredients like essential oils and microcidal preservatives that can interfere with healthy skin function. The products have no scent, which honestly is kind of refreshing, yet result in skin that feels soothed, nourished, and ultimately, healthy. You don’t even realize how stressed out your skin is until you use products that treat that stress. 


The Products:

Intensive Repair SerumMY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE THING EVER. This serum addresses stubborn breakouts. Instead of drying out your skin like most topical acne treatments, this one focuses on the micro biome of the skin, rebalancing oil production, reducing inflammation, and gently clearing congestion without irritating or drying the skin. I use it night and day, every day.

Soothing B3 Serum – This serum concentrates on controlling inflammation with niacinamide, while rebalancing the microbial colonies on the skin to control unwanted/pathogenic overgrowth such as P. acnes and also give the skin a really lovely glow with glycosaminoglycans.

Barrier Restore Serum – Our skin barrier protects against external assaults, but its most important task is to protect against moisture loss. The Barrier Restore improves compromised barrier function by replacing components lost through such stressors as over cleansing, exfoliation, topical anti-microbials or antibiotics, daily wear and tear or just plain aging. Restoring barrier function returns the stratum corneum to a state where proper moisture levels are maintained, resulting in skin that feels moisturized, hydrated and healthy.

Basically all three combined work to restore the true function of your skin.

The Results:


After about 6 months of using, not even a dot! What???


After about 6 months of using these bad boys I can honestly (knocks on wood) say my hormonal acne has been tamed. I use all 3 morning and night and I cannot believe how much they’ve cleared my skin up. That horrific, deep-rooted, PAINFUL, PMS acne is no longer a thing for me. And if I do break out, because let’s be honest, no one is perfect, the spots are way less painful and clear up so much faster than before. I also use the Intensive Repair Serum as a spot treatment if I sense a particularly aggressive zit coming on. I layer them on and complement them with other products in my routine, but I swear, I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on how my skin LITERALLY GLOWS. They are on the pricier side so if you’re going to only try one, focus on what your skin needs, but I always tell people to start with the Intensive Repair Serum.


When you’re having a really good skin day EVERYDAY you take selfies like this.


And if you have any questions or try them, let us know!