Fitness | October 6th 2016

The 5 Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making At The Gym


Image by M. Ngyugen

Are you busting your butt during your workouts, but just not seeing results? Whether you’re a fitness newbie or a hardcore gym buff, you’re probably making one of these five common blunders (and don’t even realize it).

Exercising with incorrect form

For beginners especially, it’s important to make sure you’re exercising correctly. At best, poor form during a workout means all your hard work won’t end up paying off. At worst, it can be a serious source of injury. Take care of your body by learning how to do your exercises effectively before hitting the gym.

Static stretching instead of dynamic stretching

Recent evidence suggests that static stretching is way less beneficial than dynamic stretching. Pre-workout stretches should be all about increasing your range of motion and flexibility. Integrating activities like walking lunges, bending and reaching continuously, light squats and jogging into your warm-up is key to making the most of your workout.

Forgetting to stretch after a workout

If you find yourself sore for days after you hit the gym, chances are you’re not stretching regularly enough. When you finish working out and tightening up your muscles, your body needs to relieve that tension. Stretching after exercise helps reduce muscle soreness and improve blood flow, which means you’ll recover quicker and healthier post-workout.

Repeating your gym routine

Do you do the same exercises every time you hit the gym? Repeating the same movements consistently can actually prevent you from achieving your ideal results. That’s because our bodies are quick learners. When you repeat the same exercises, your body adapts to use up the least amount of energy possible. Over time, you’ll end up seeing less and less progress. Diversifying your exercises is essential!

Over-exercising the same muscle area

One of the biggest mistakes people make at the gym is to focus on one muscle area and forget about the rest of their body. As important as it is to focus on abs, arms, legs, and anything else, fitness is about overall health. Over-exercising one particular muscle group can even cause strain and risk injury, setting your progress back for weeks.

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