Health | September 16th 2016

The All Nighter: How A Day Without Sleep Impacts Your Health


Now that summer’s (almost) over, everyone is getting back into the swing of things. As we ease into autumn, September is the best time to recharge. It’s the perfect month to create good patterns for healthy living. Setting the right tone for the rest of the season can be hard work — it’s no wonder that our theme for this month is GRIND.

We all know that listening to your body is a big key to a healthy lifestyle. But as important as that is, it’s still something us doers sometimes forget. No matter how much you GRIND, healthy living requires sleep. In fact, just one sleepless night can hit you hard and throw you off your game in a big way.

All-nighters can mess with your mood and sap your focus. If you were trying to remember a phone number or appointment, you’d need a full night’s sleep. Experts everywhere agree that even one sleepless night can dramatically deplete your memory and thinking skills.

Exercising after an all-nighter is a big no-no. Because lack of sleep increases sensitivity to pain and perception of exertion, sleepless nights equal harder, less satisfying workouts. You can end up injuring yourself doing things you’re usually good at.

It’s also important to think about your energy levels! Sleep is the body’s best way to recharge, and without a solid seven hours at least, your body needs to make up the energy some other way. This means you could end up overeating as a result. Some studies have even shown that sleep deprivation has been linked to junk food cravings.

Getting into a good GRIND means listening to your body. Take a cue from one of our faves, #girlboss Arianna Huffington. Her new book is all about how we need sleep but never let ourselves get it, and our work lives and personal lives suffer as a result.

For us go-getters, girl bosses, and leading ladies, working like machines without recharging is a no-go. That’s why HB is taking a page from AH’s book and prioritizing rest! Making room in your routine for a healthy night’s sleep is essential to making the most of your September GRIND.