Beauty | May 6th 2019

The Beauty Tool That Upgrades Your Routine At Any Price Range

After a long day, I put up a video on Instagram stories of me jade rolling. It didn’t feel any different than any of the other mundanities I frequently upload; I thought nothing of it and went to sleep.

I woke up to no less than five DM’s, littered with a fury of questions; “which one is that?”, “do you like it?”, “does it really work??”. I was very surprised. I thought everyone a) already had a jade roller and b) knew they weren’t…that revolutionary.

Here’s the thing – whether it “works” is subjective. A jade roller, objectively, is not a cure-all product. It does not contain any active ingredients and does not penetrate the skin. It is a massage tool, and massages are absolutely great for muscles (and facial muscles need love too!) and for blood circulation. Facial massage – tool or no tool – is a wonderful way to decrease puffiness and help lift the skin. It also feels lovely, which is important to note.

Will it change your life?

Probably not.

Will it feel nice and maybe make your skin look nice?

Yeah, probably!

(Especially if you put it in the fridge – the cold helps decrease puffiness. Alternatively, ice cubes also work for this).

Jade rollers are like the scented candles of skincare. Just because it won’t change your life, doesn’t mean it’s not a nice thing to have on your nightstand. And for something that won’t change your life, it is important to consider your options. So here is my collection for you, from least to most expensive:

Beauty Secrets Jade Facial Roller – $5

This will absolutely do the trick. It is $5. For as much money as your morning latte, this will massage your face muscles. It will feel nice. It has a smaller jade : wire structure ratio than perhaps a more expensive one would, so it will be best for smaller areas like under eye and cheek bones. Put it in the fridge for added luxury. It is $5.

Beauty BIO Rose Quartz Roller – $60

This is a great facial roller. It’s rose quartz instead of jade, and I do not know the difference. It is incredibly sturdy so it works well on other parts of the body that aren’t your face, like your neck, shoulders, and legs. Is it weird to rose-quartz-roll your legs? Don’t ask any questions. Just do it, it feels nice. It is pricey at $60, but it is durable – it won’t break in your carry-on and you won’t need to replace it every season.

ReFa S Carat – $160

This tool is laughably expensive and unfortunately incredibly good. I’m sorry. I know. At $160, it sits at the low-end of the range of tools by ReFa, and that makes me sad because like I said, it’s really good. This tool is luxurious and does things to your skin that the $5 or even $60 could not event attempt. The engineering of the round ends spinning over your skin while simultaneously gently pinching creates a feeling that feels like magic sorcery. It is very nice. It is $160. If you use it every single night for a year, it will be less than $2.50 per use, which almost sounds reasonable.

Have you tried a jade roller? Did it work? Let me know!

By Tamar Stein