Beauty | January 24th 2017

The Best Looks for Your Eye Color

Are you trying to find your everyday eye look to complement your eye color? Finding a look to match your eye color that can go with any occasion can be a tough feat. Whether your eyes are brown, blue, green, hazel, or gray, you can find the right look for your eye color with HBFIT’s eye look guide.

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Brown Eyes

While brown eyes may be the most common eye color, they’re also the most versatile. Most color palettes will work with brown eyes, fortunately for you. However, if you match brown eyes with neutral tones like salmon or bronze to accentuate your brown tones. Try the Lorac ‘Unzipped Gold’ eyeshadow palette for some warm golden hues.

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Dark Brown Eyes

If you have really dark brown eyes, you might want to go for a little more pop. Using dark liners with dark brown and violet shades can bring some intensity to your deep, dark eyes. An eyeshadow duo like Ice Plum and Rose Gold from Kevyn Aucoin works quite nicely for those dark brown eyes.

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Blue Eyes

Blue eyes tend to be very startling which means that you can often work with very little to really bring them out. Light, neutral colors will pair well with bright blue eyes. Dark liners can look very harsh against lighter features. However, you can go either cool neutral to accentuate your baby blues, or you can go warm tones to complement blue tones. Consider Armani Women’s Eyes To Kill gray eyeshadow.

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Green Eyes

Green eyes might be rare, but if you have them you can create an intense look by simply adding purples and pinks to your look. The pink tones will bring more yellow out in your eyes, making them sharper and more interesting. Armani Women also makes an Eyes To Kill in an intense pink eyeshadow that will be sure to make your eyes smolder.

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Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes can be a good middle ground between green and brown eyes. That being said, you can use color palettes for either tones for this reason. You can go back to the same golds and light neutrals you might use with brown tones, but you can also pair it with the pinks and purples like you would green eyes.

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Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are considered the hazel of blue eyes. With the right colors, you can make those greys look bluer or greener – or even greyer. Orange tones will bring out more blue in grey eyes, while red tones will bring out more green in grey eyes. If you want to try for an orange look, Kevyn Aucoin also comes out with an eyeshadow duo that has both sky blue and tangerine. If you want a lighter grey, just add some charcoal and greys to really make them pop. The sky blue can really bring out the light greys as well.

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