Fitness | October 20th 2016

The Best (Quick) Leg and Butt Workouts


Want to tone up your lower body, but can’t commit to hours at the gym? Traveling 24/7? Fitness can happen anywhere. If you have a few minutes to spare, where better to spend them than on your butt?

Leg and butt exercises can be both simple and effective, and we’ll prove it with these quick workouts to build muscle where it counts.


Start off your routine by lying face up on the floor with your heels digging in and toes pointed up, knees bent, and your hands on the floor by your side. Next, lift your hips up off the floor and hold them up briefly below slowly lowering.

After 15 reps, take a breathing break and firmly plant your feet flat on the floor. Then, tuck your right foot under the left thigh, keeping the right knee pointing right throughout. Without dipping your hips, extend the right leg out to the right, hold briefly, then return it. Every 20 reps, switch sides and repeat.

While you’re still on the floor, turn on your side. Supporting your upper body with your elbow and tricep flat on the floor, slowly raise one bent leg above the other. Next, lift the lower leg and straighten them both. Hold briefly, then lower both legs. After 20-30 reps, switch sides and repeat.


Begin with feet shoulder width apart and arms stretched out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Squat down as though about to sit down, and then straighten yourself back up, squeezing your glutes continually throughout.

Complete 20 reps, and then repeat while holding weights. Start with 8-10 pounds, then move up to 15-20 pound weights. Every time you lower and rise, make sure you keep your knees from passing forward of your toes. Next, complete 20 reps of turned out squats, which work with feet planted a little wider than hip distance and turned out slightly.

This exercise can be enhanced by increasing the weights. It’s also important to follow through with the full movement every time — try to maintain a consistently low position for every squat.

Booty Boosting Bootcamp

When you have some extra wiggle room in your schedule, build on your butt workouts with these HBFit-approved workout classes — lovingly chosen to boost your booty.

Check out our fave four: Shred415 (Chicago), Jane Do (Jersey City), Rise Nation (LA), and Bari Studio (NYC).