Health | January 17th 2018

Top Mental Wellness Tips from a Holistic Psychologist

HBFIT Fam – we want to introduce you to Ellie Cobb, Ph.D. She’s a pioneer in the field of holistic psychology. With bounds of energy and passion, she is on a mission to make mental health an accessible conversation for all by highlighting the many ways we can empower our own mental wellness. As a Columbia University trained clinical psychologist and trained meditation teacher and wellness specialist, Dr. Cobb sees clients in private practice in downtown Manhattan and spreads the word of wellness through writing, consulting, workshops, and talks!


What is Holistic Psychology?

Do you sweat it out, talk it out, reflect on it, or write it down? Imagine that you knew your own most effective strategy for healing, dealing, and thriving! Imagine you could work with someone who would help you identify your best strategies to discover your own inner sparkle and shine! Imagine having your therapist believe that your physical health and mental health are intertwined. Imagine collaborating to tailor a wellness plan to fit your own individual body, brain, and life. This is Holistic Psychology.

Holistic Psychology is an impactful emerging field that views the mind as just one part of our entire system. The emphasis is on the system rather than the symptom. The approach considers the whole person and addresses root issues. This new field combines scientifically backed psychology methods with evidence-based mindful and holistic practices. Holistic Psychology is about using our own inherent strengths and empowering skills, tools, and access points to create optimal well-being in one’s own life.

3 Tips To Improve Your Own Mental Wellness Right Now from a Holistic Psychologist:

1. Use Your GPS System

Our body is our most effective GPS system. Our body is constantly sending us signals about how we feel and what we need in each moment. If we pay attention and notice the signals from our body, it can direct us to make important changes in our life to create internal and external integrated harmony. Treat the body as our best source of direction and pay attention to the important signals it sends us!

2. Hugs All Around

Isolation is one of the biggest mental health threats that exists. We can combat many of our feelings of anxiety, depression, and aloneness simply by connecting with others. Humans strive for connection and thrive off connection – it’s part of our biology. Our brain actually releases chemicals that trigger feel good responses of pleasure and contentment when we hug someone, share a genuine smile, laugh with another, or simply make sustained eye contact.  Reach out- it will create an automatic joy boost for both you and the other!

3. Lighten & Brighten Your Life

Attention is like a spotlight. Whatever we pay attention to shines a spotlight in the brain. If we want to cultivate more joy in our lives, we simply need to train our brains to turn to it more.  Chose to shine your spotlight on thankfulness. Repeatedly bringing attention to what you are thankful for trains your brain to spot more thankfulness in your life. This simple act of repeatedly shining the spotlight on the good in your life is associated with major increases overall joy and happiness!

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