Fitness | January 30th 2017

Total Body At-Home Workout with Steve Uria from Switch Playground

We’ve loved having Switch Playground as our Studio Spotlight this month and we’re obsessed with the energetic vibe and quick workout blast, but we understand that not everyone can come join us for a class in NYC. We love it so much we wanted to share some of their workout with you guys, so even if you’re not local or you just can’t make it to the gym, you can still get a great workout from home.

For some help with putting a workout together, we asked Switch Playground’s founder, Steve Uria, for some of his favorite total body moves. Steve founded Switch Playground in Cape Town, South Africa, and his fitness career has spanned over three decades. He believes in pushing beyond limits and finding personal empowerment through movement. Check out his favorite at-home workout circuit with Jenna Arndt, leader instructor at Switch Playground!

1. Lateral Squat to Lunge:

This move works the large muscles in your butt and your legs, so make sure to take your time to get your form right. Start by standing with your feet together. Step one foot into a lateral side squat and then bring it back to middle. Bring the same leg back into a lunge and then return to middle again. Next, bring the same leg forward into a front lunge. Do the same thing on the other leg for a total of ten reps on each side.

2. Cross Mountain Climbers:

For a cardio boost, drop down for cross-diagonal sprint mountain climbers. Place your hands on the ground with your wrists placed directly under your shoulders. Bring each foot outside the opposite hand, unlike a straight mountain climber. Perform ten reps on each leg.

3. Split Squat Lunges

Standing up, take one leg back into a lunge and then kick that leg forward, returning back to a lunge on the other side. Try to jump as high as you can in the middle. Then, drop your hands to the ground to bring that same knee to the chest, similar to a one-legged mountain climber. Perform ten reps on each leg.

4. Walk Out with Pushup

Squat down from your standing position and place your hands down on the ground. Walk forward on your hands into pushup position. Perform one pushup, walk your hands back to your feet, and add in a jump when you come back up. Repeat this pattern for ten reps.

5. Tricep Dips

Sit your hands by your sides near your butt, and make sure your fingers are pointed forwards. Place the weight of your feet onto your heels, and lift your pelvis, doing tricep dips so that your elbows bend on every lift. Do 12-15 reps.

6. Bicycle Crunches

Lying down, reach your elbow out to your opposite foot for bicycle crunches. One leg should be straight, about ten inches off the ground, while the other touches your opposite elbow. Make sure to twist your torso on each twist, so that your obliques are engaged. Do 15 reps on each side for a total of 30.

Thanks Steve & Switch team! We will definitely be trying these at home.