Beauty | September 29th 2016

Two-Minute Post Yoga Beauty Tips


Whether you were there to work up a sweat or find your center, your yoga class should leave you feeling refreshed and charged for the rest of your day. For the yoga-loving go-getters, squeezing in a sun salutation before heading to work or going out for the evening is truly a golden moment to energize and exercise before jumping back into the daily grind.

We all know the struggle of trying to make the most of those too-few minutes between when your class ends, and the rest of your day begins.

But never fear, super girl! We’ve got the perfect solution to your post-yoga beauty bind.

If that Bikram yoga humidity killed your up-do, we know what you’re going through. When you’ve only got two minutes to spare, grab a comb and try the sleek look. A little mousse, and either a clean central part or a super tight low ponytail can give you a striking modern look. Try pairing it with bright lips — red lips do wonders to make a simple hairdo pop, and it works great on any skin tone.

If you wear your hair natural and don’t dig the post-yoga frizz, try a half-up, half down look by parting your hair asymmetrically and pinning it back in two flat twists on both sides. This takes the hair up and out of your face and leaves the back looking like a cute, full pony that’s easy to accessorize with. Pinning up your hair so it falls down one side is a great way to give it some shape without sacrificing volume.

After a workout, there’s nothing quite like washing your face. A quick scrub with a light facial cleanser or convenient cleansing wipes can save you from all kinds of unpleasant problems coming from the excess oils and sweat that can build up on sweaty skin.

As far as moisturizer goes, stick with light coverage that won’t clog your pores. And make sure you apply sunscreen! Yoga (or any other type of workout, really) will open your pores and leave your skin sensitive. As a result, your face will be more receptive to sun-damage. Don’t forget to apply some lip balm! Keep those babies moisturized with something light and fresh, like aloe or EiR cooling lip balm. And of course, make sure you always stay hydrated, especially after exercising.

Whether you’ve got your whole day ahead of you, or you just want to doll up a little on your way out the door, these two-minute simple beauty tips will match your post-yoga energy and leave you looking and feeling fresh and beautiful.