Beauty | February 6th 2017

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, everyone’s thinking about the perfect gift. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other or your best friend, buying the perfect V-day present can be tricky if you want to think outside the box without being too risky. We rounded up some of our favorite gift ideas that are ideal for every wellness addict, fitness nut, coffee drinker, or even the typical chocolate-lover. Check out our picks for V-day this year:

KU’L’s Stamina Superfood Bar  

We love KU’L’s small batch-crafted artisanal chocolates and everything the company stands for. They’re all about providing vegan, non-GMO chocolate treats with superfood ingredients while educating customers on the nutritional benefits of their products. Their Stamina bar is one of their newest chocolate bars that’s actually packed with Maca Root, a herbal medicine used as a libido enhancer. It’s the perfect sweet treat to get for your Valentine.



This innovative brand prides itself on the idea of “date night made simple,” and we’re obsessed! Datebox is a monthly subscription box that brings couples closer by helping them to rediscover exciting and romantic date nights. They send over monthly date boxes with cute ideas and experiences for couples, with everything from sushi making kits, dance classes, and so much more. We love that they take the stress out of planning a fun date night.


Kusmi Wellness Teas

There’s nothing more cozy than warming up indoors with a hot cup of tea, and we’re currently loving Kusmi’s wellness blends. They make travel sets which are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift, since everyone could use a cup of tea while travelling to relax and detox. Their “Sweet Love” flavor is supposed to awaken your senses while offering sensory delights and a sweet taste.

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21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy

Nothing says Valentine’s Day than a box of chocolate and some romantic aromatherapy to set the mood. 21 Drops offers an amazing selection of essential oil blends, including carry-on options for travelling. Some of their scents that would make great gifts for your date are “Passion” and “Invigorate,” but the options are endless.


Adidas EQT Re-Edition Team Bag

This unisex athletic bag is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle that needs to grab a spacious, sleek bag for the gym. This style is 90’s inspired and is detailed with Adidas’ class tone-on-tone 3 stripes on the front. We also love the many options for zipper compartments and its detachable carry strap.


Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller

Any athletic couple has a foam roller lying around their apartment, but not everyone knows about the amazing vibrating technology that is taking over the fitness world and is totally changing the recovery game. The Vyper is a vibrating foam roller, which uses three speed settings powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries. It’s a great gift for anyone who appreciates cutting-edge technologies, or just needs to reduce some muscle soreness.


Simple Life Cycle’s Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The weather is going to start warming up, which makes a cold brew maker an amazing gift. This cold brew maker by Simple Life Cycle is super user-friendly and is so simple to use, allowing you to just add ground beans to the filter and then stir. It comes with a bamboo lid and a stainless steel filter, and we love that the jar is free of any harmful chemicals or toxic materials. Plus, if you’re Valentine isn’t a huge coffee drinker, it can also be used to make iced tea!


HigherDose Infrared Session Package

You guys know we’re currently on an Infrared kick, and we love the idea of buying a package for your Valentine. Infrared is perfect for any girl or guy who needs some time to relax, recover, and detox in an LED-lit sauna. The Infrared benefits are endless, whether you’re looking for skincare, muscle recovery, weight loss, or just some heated downtime. We love HigherDose, but if you don’t live in NYC, do some research on some Infrared spas near you!  


Phone Bed Charging Station

Sometimes it can be hard to stop scrolling, power down, and just spend quality time with your loved ones. This phone bed charging station made by Thrive Global is the perfect, innovative solution to quality facetime without the distraction of screens and devices. The idea is to give your phone a “bed” outside your room, so you can focus on what really matters without being distracted by technology!


S’well Dark Hearted Water Bottle

A printed water bottle from the S’well Love Collection is perfect for V-day. Each bottle unique and this special collection is “hand-sketched with love.” We love that S’well bottles really keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12. It’s a perfect gift for a gym-goer who loves their cold water or a tea-lover who needs their hot beverage on the go!