Beauty | October 7th 2015


If you’ve seen the Letter from HB,  you know that HBFIT has refocused a bit. Our latest and greatest version has shifted the focus from Hannah personally to all of you that live the #HBFIT Lifestyle. To celebrate this change, we asked you via Instagram to tell us how you integrate the mantra of the site into your daily life–accompanied by your best selfie.

So here’s a special WCW celebrating the HBFIT girl, filled with some beautiful selfies and a few of our favorite quotes:

heanney catertaylor adler

@Heanny: #HBFIT brings mindfulness. I am a strong believer in the law of attraction, and that it all begins from within. Love yourself for who you are, flaws and all, and the journey towards becoming the best version of yourself will seem effortless. I’ve promised myself to never stop learning how to nourish my body, and to share everything I believe in with my beautiful clients. I have my bad days and it’s not easy breezy but I’ve made a commitment to myself.

grid taylorwalters kellywithlove

@CambreyNoelle: #HBFIT is about being my best. From my am meditations to my pm dance classes, every moment is a chance for me to make a better choice and to be more present. When I’m in that space I’m authentic, I’m loving, and I’m having fun … and probably buzzed off green juice and post-class sweaty like I am here!

asanti bw ava

@Assanatti: #HBFIT is make up free and sweating- laying on the floor of my apartment on a Sunday morning post the at home-workout; knowing that I’m stronger, happier and healthier than an hour ago. That’s what #HBFIT is to me. Putting in work to better myself for tomorrow while loving and being at peace with who I’m now.