Fitness | September 30th 2015


Our WCW this week is extra special–we are celebrating two beautiful yoga babes and good friends of ours who are opening their amazing studio, Love Yoga this Monday, October 5th!

You don’t have to be a regular in warrior 1 (2 or 3) to know that there is yoga–and then there is yoga. Anyone who has taken a class knows the distinction, as do beloved yogis, Kyle Miller and Sian GordonLove Yoga was started in Montauk by Sian, a devoted yogi committed to promoting community and a place for positivity and honesty about one’s practice- it’s not always about perfect form! This is a sentiment that we can certainly get on board with. After all, who realistically has the perfect down dog? Or doesn’t have their intention interrupted by anticipating their next meeting?

Be yourself is the simple but powerful philosophy behind this dynamic duo. Their reasoning is rooted in the belief that the more you practice, the more you feel connected to everything around you. So when they were creating Love Yoga, cultivating that sentiment was the main priority.

Another imperative component to their studio culture was to communicate that nature affects your practice–and as it turns out, Venice is the perfect spot for discovering such connection.“The more I do yoga the more I need to be in nature,” Miller says, which is why she loves her new space. The minute you walk into Love Yoga, you feel it–from the sea green floors to the front desk built from a 1000 year old red cedar. The overall aesthetic is a breath of fresh air and unlike any space we have ever seen.

Miller and Gordon have a simple mission: to bring really good yoga to all. This means yoga that is intelligent in its’ sequencing, but not intimidating. Yoga that will push you to your limits, but always be fun—with a variety of music and styles to keep you challenged, thoughtful and have you walking out feeling amazing. They want to build a community that is inclusive so that if you come everyday or once a year, everyone feels like they have a place.

SO, what’s not to like? Not much. Get on with your bad self and check out Love Yoga opening this coming Monday!