Beauty | March 27th 2017

Wedding Prep with Hannah: Planning Priorities

In this new mini Wedding Prep series, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and experiences while getting ready for my wedding day, and I can’t wait to take you guys along with me. Getting engaged is an incredibly special experience and for me, it’s been filled with so many emotional ups and downs. Talk about being an emotional wreck! Today I’m going to talk to you guys about bridal priorities, what has mattered to me while planning, and all of the emotions that have come along with it all.

I felt like I was floating on a cloud after my man popped the question to me on hot day in August of 2015. We had a date night planned, and he totally threw me for a loop as we boarded a beautiful 72 foot 1919 sail boat on the Hudson River.


Fast forward sixteen hours and I got into a scary bike accident, where I broke my four front teeth! I was riding my bike (admittedly a little hungover) trying to make it to a workout class before a photoshoot. Next thing I knew, I was moving in slow motion and my face was headed straight for the pavement. I hit a pot hole and went flying over my handle bars. I definitely had angels on my side that day. I wasn’t even wearing a helmet and I didn’t get hit by a car or break a single bone in my body. I was only two blocks from home, so I called Brendan screaming and he came running over and rushed me to the NYU hospital.

I went from feeling like Brendan and I were the only two people in the world to being at the mercy of a hospital bed, crying to all the nurses that I had just gotten engaged and I couldn’t believe the circumstances! In an attempt to make me feel better, everyone kept saying that teeth are the best to break because they are the easiest to fix, but I just couldn’t get over how I truly went from 100 to 0 real quick.

The silver lining was that Brendan and I both had extremely busy weeks and we were forced to cancel and be with each other, which ended up being a really special time for us. Brendan took great care of me and my mom came over to give me reiki right after it happened. I swear that it helped me heal better and faster. At the hospital, Brendan said he would still marry me even if I did only have 1 front tooth; they put some temporary teeth in that same day so I didn’t have to walk around scaring people. The world was telling me to slow down.

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As soon as I was out of the hospital, I wanted to start planning immediately and I was convinced that I wanted to get married soon, but then I kept hearing from friends and loved ones to just enjoy the engagement. At first that was frustrating to hear cause I wanted to just get into it, you know? But then after a few weeks, I realized I didn’t even know the type of bride I wanted to be, so I decided to take a chill pill about the whole thing. After about nine months of engaged life, I finally started to play with a few ideas.

We knew we wanted a destination wedding from the start, which was a huge realization and a huge first step. What people didn’t tell me is that once you decided to do a destination, the world is your oyster, minus anywhere that has Zika. Brendan and I love that we are adventurous travelers at our core, and we wanted our wedding to encompass that. We wanted our guests to feel our shared passion through an experience.

I considered a few different types of brides before I settled. I thought at one point I wanted to be a Russian princess and instead of doing St. Petersburg, Quebec City would be the destination. That was short lived. I also thought about being the cool, laid back bride, getting married on the beach with no shoes. Brendan and I were really considering Cuba at one point. That would have been a nightmare.

Then one day I realized, “I’m really busy and I should probably get a wedding planner!” Well that idea was a win. I can’t tell you how much Meredith Falk has changed our lives. She is so full of ideas, and some may not be your speed, but she her skin is thick AF and her goal is to make you sublimely happy. I would assume most wedding planners should be like this, but I have heard otherwise. Meredith is a gem.

Moving on in my decision making, I then had to figure out what type of photography I wanted. It sounds like a simple decision, but there are so many amazingly talented photographers and videographers, and it can get overwhelming. I was given a few names and sites to look at, but finding the one who is actually available on your date… it’s a juggling act. I eventually went with a company I love and who has documented our entire relationship from the night Brendan and I met, BFA. Naturally they seem like a fit for us, but thats idea, you want the right fit on your big day. I will keep all the raw video footage and will do something with it later on.

These few little stories are only some of the decisions and processes you go through when planning a wedding, but the lesson is always the same. As much as you want a seamless transition to your wedding today, you’ll ultimately have to compromise on some things, and that’s okay. It’s also okay to change your mind over and over! I told you it’s filled with ups and downs, didn’t I?

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