Health | May 12th 2017

What She Eats: Alice Tate

All the way from South London, Alice Tate somehow finds the time to work full time in PR & Communications while crushing her running goals and keeping up her travel and fitness blog, Flash Anthology. Whether she’s blogging about her fitness tips, trying out new recipes, traveling with her boyfriend, or non-stop working at her desk, Alice seems to be busy and balanced, and we’re totally inspired. We asked Alice what she eats in a typical day, and here’s what she told us:

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I’m keep a pescatarian diet, so most of my meals are a mix of fish, soy, plant-based proteins, legumes, and lots of fruits and veggies. I love my matcha tea and my steamed vegetables, but my healthy lifestyle doesn’t keep me deprived at all. On the weekends, there’s less structure in my diet and more deliciousness. There’s never a weekend that goes by without either French fries or wine. I’m usually pretty healthy, but who can say no to fries?


I start each day with a matcha tea in bed. I used to swear by my morning coffee, but I can’t handle it straight after waking up these days. I always wake up craving a hot beverage, and I prefer the subtler taste of matcha anyway.

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I get up early, usually at 5:00 or 5:30. I get up, make my boyfriend a tea and some cereal and make myself a smoothie. I’m an early bird and definitely a morning workout kind of person, so I need some early fuel. Before work, I’ll either go for a run (every other weekday tends to be 5-8km) or hit the gym, and I definitely can’t function on zero food. My smoothie isn’t anything fancy, it’s just something to keep hunger pangs at bay and get in some energy. I’ll blitz up a banana, chia seeds, oats, yogurt, peanut butter and a splash of milk. It’s delicious. Sometimes I’ll add jam too for a sweet PB&J version! It’s so good.

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I never workout for more than an hour, mainly because of time pressures, but I’ll combine a workout or a run with a 30-minute cycle to work. If I’m at my desk, I’ll make a flat white coffee and have some cereal with berries and yogurt. I might make a protein shake too. I’m always looking for more protein in my diet. If I’m at a breakfast meeting, I’ll get a matcha or turmeric soy latte (soy because of the taste over anything else), and a version of eggs on toast. Avocado with poached eggs on sourdough with mushrooms on the side is my go to order. Yum.

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I’m definitely my hungriest in the mornings, and I’m always craving something savory, never sweet. At my desk, I might have some hummus if I need a snack before lunch, and another flat white always hits the spot.


For lunch, I try to go for a grain-based salad with a big dose of protein, which is usually prawns, tuna, salmon or chickpeas. I love having a big salad with a brown rice base, and some kale, nuts, hummus, and Sriracha. If I’m super busy and need something quick I can eat at my desk, I’ll have some tuna mixed with a little mayo, a whole avocado and a couple whole wheat crackers. It’s so satisfying, filling, and so good. If I’m in a rush and need to pick something up on the go, I’ll go for sushi. Tempura shrimp rolls are my favorite thing on this planet.

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In the afternoon, I’ll have another cup of matcha tea for a little pick me up. I don’t finish work until 6pm and I definitely get hungry again before then, so I might have a few crackers with some hummus or a bit of cheese. I am obsessed with cheese and I often have to hold myself back a little!

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I might do a class in the evening, or if I’ve got work to do, I’ll ride my bike home. It’s a 30-minute ride and it always works up an appetite! Unless I’m out for dinner, I’ll always cook for my boyfriend and myself. He eats meat, so I’ll usually make something that’s fish or shrimp based for myself, or something that he can easily swap in meat for. I love doing a prawn stir-fry, prawn green thai curry, or a baked fish with rice and vegetables.


We’re definitely into Asian flavors and we love soy and Sriracha. Half my plate will always be veggies, I pile the plate high! I live for steamed broccoli and carrots. In fact, sometimes, if I come in late or hungover, I’ll just steam some vegetables and have a bowl in bed. It’s weird, I know. Also, I want to point out that I’m not too strict with myself at dinner. We do tend to eat mainly vegetables and fish, but I’m more than happy to throw  in some mashed potatoes or sweet potato fries!


I’ve never really been the type to get a sweet tooth after dinner, so dessert never really happens. I’ll have a matcha or turmeric tea before bed, and I sleep like a log, so after an hour or so working, I’ll be out like a light.