Health | March 10th 2017

What She Eats: Ally Love

If you’re not part of the Love Squad yet, it’s time to hop on board. Ally Love is the fierce boss lady behind her #LoveSquad movement, as well as being the Brooklyn Nets Host and a Peloton instructor. Talk about a full schedule! Ally’s lively personality, positive attitude, and athletic lifestyle are just a few of the reasons we love her so much. Plus, have you seen her dance moves?! We got the chance to ask Ally what she eats throughout a typical day, and here’s what she told us:



After such a struggle, I eventually realized that I’m truly not a breakfast person. However, waking up and fueling my body is important, here’s where the magic of avocados come in. Avocado toast is my breakfast on the go. There are no rules around avocado toast except you have two items: avocados and toast. Here I have added eggs, pumpkin seed spread, hummus, and some seasonings, inspired my by favorite place, Cafe O in NYC.

IMG_1206 (1)

Morning Snack

My day usually begins around 5:45am and could last until 10:30pm without any breaks. I don’t drink coffee. There’s just something about it that actually makes me less productive. Here is where my matcha latte comes in. It’s a great source of protein and fiber because of the almond milk, and it provides the mid-morning boost I need, especially on my long days.



For lunch, I love having a big salad.  Here’s a Mexican Avocado salad with mixed greens as the base. Salads are perfect when I want to remain energized and light as I have to move from teaching at Peloton, to hosting for the Brooklyn Nets. If I over eat at lunch, it can slow me down and stifle my creativity because I’ll be focused on how tired I am. I’ve learned my lesson many of times when comes to lunch.You have to listen to your body, and for me, the lighter the better. But that doesn’t mean it has to be tasteless. My go-to salad place is Sweetgreen. Yum.


Afternoon Snack

I love having a green juice on the go. I usually pack one in my bag or pick up one while I’m running around. It’s a great way to guarantee that I get all my nutrients, because no matter how healthy I am there are plenty of days that I don’t get all the vitamins I need.



For dinner, I love chicken and rice. It’s simple and it’s one of my favorite meals. Having a protein, vegetable, and starch is how I was raised. I don’t get too caught up on not having starches before bed. I enjoy them. Not to mention I have an obsession with hot sauce. I actually have a cabinet of hot sauces from across the world! Chicken and rice is the prefect canvas to add the red hot kick.



I always have a sweet tooth at the end of the night, and I love a doughnut. Theres nothing like a great doughnut. I usually go for a classic glaze but I don’t discriminate- I’ll eat any doughnut. I usually pick them up on my way home, but I do break out my doughnut maker now and then. I don’t do a doughnut every evening, though. Everything in moderation!