Health | January 5th 2017

What She Eats: Alyssa Delmonico

We recently took Alyssa Delmonico‘s Mind Body Bootcamp class at Circuit of Change and were instantly hooked on her infectious happy attitude and her passion for health and wellness. In addition to being an instructor at and Wellness Director at the studio, Alyssa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, and believes in feeling your best from the inside out. We asked Alyssa to share with us what she eats in a regular day, along with some explanations and tips about her healthy lifestyle. We can’t wait to show you what she shared! 

Pre-Breakfast Ritual
I like to start my day with some pre-breakfast fuel, which depends on how I’m feeling and what my body needs. Usually, I’ll drink a glass of warm water with lemon as soon as I wake up. This preps my digestive system while hydrating my body and flushing out toxins.  I also drink liquid chlorophyll to alkalize, cleanse, and boost important nutrients. Then, I’ll have either a matcha latte with macadamia nut milk or decaf latte with almond milk. I love starting my day with something warm that will give me a little boost.
My breakfast is usually a bowl of gluten-free oatmeal with coconut oil, chia seeds, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds banana and raw honey. If I want something more savory, I’ll have eggs with spinach or kale with hemp seeds and avocado. Both options are packed with protein, nutrients, and healthy fat! They give me long lasting energy to kick start my day.
For lunch, I’ll usually have roasted vegetables over a bowl of greens. I switch off between arugula, spinach and kale. Sometimes I’ll throw the veggies over some quinoa or brown rice. Adding in a healthy carb will give you more energy and keep you full longer. I usually like to eat warm foods in the colder months. I try to eat greens with every meal and make sure I’m getting vital nutrients, so I try to mix up my veggie and greens daily.
If I’m feeling hungry during the day, need to fuel up pre or post-workout, or just need a little pick-me-up, I like to have a green juice or a protein smoothie in between meals- or both! Having a healthy drink on hand kills hunger cravings and makes me feel full without weighing down my digestive system.
For dinner, I like to make a warm bowl of roasted potatoes with veggies and avocado, or a big bowl of soup. My favorites are carrot ginger, curry coconut, lentil, and butternut squash. The more flavor the better! I teach at Circuit of Change most evenings, so dinner is always a well-balanced meal. I try to include carbs, protein and veggies. If I’m not super hungry after class, I’ll opt for a big green salad. I also like to end my day with some herbal tea!