Health | April 14th 2017

What She Eats: Corinne Wainer

You guys know how much we love breaking a sweat at SHAKTIBARRE, so for this week’s What She Eats, we sat down with the CAO and co-founder, Corinne. SHAKTIBARRE’s yoga-barre hybrid classes are all about female empowerment and having a good time, and Corinne embodies the same exact values, which is why we love her so much. Corinne is all about living a balanced life and making the most out of every experience, so we’ve been dying to know what she likes to eat to fuel her through her busiest days. Here’s what she told us:


Being thoughtful around food was definitely a learned behavior for me, and it has become more necessary with such an amazing project as SHAKTIBARRE needing me balanced, aware, and satiated, but as you can see will be so fun, rewarding, revealing, and life-changing if you find out what works for you and eat your way towards that.


A few months ago, I would have described the same quick, protein-laden breakfast eaten while sprinting to a yoga class that many of us entrepreneurs consider the hallmark of breakfast prep, but after opening SHAKTIBARRE, it all changed. In order to be present, my morning time is slow, methodical, and crucial. It’s all about the self-love, which I kick off first with warm water while taking a few bulleted notes on how my spirit feels upon waking. Many times I workout from my home, lovingly and tediously designing our signature SHAKTIBARRE sequences for the week, so my workout is fueled by a decaf bulletproof beverage (tea, coffee, or sometimes chaga) mixed with 1TBS coconut oil, 1TBS local butter and a splash of raw milk, and often another tablespoon each of turmeric and honey with royal jelly and bee pollen. After years of recovering from exercise addiction and an eating disorder, I’ll add the honey only if my body feels really depleted from the day before. Otherwise, extra sugar and caffeine translate to my body as stress and can also be triggering so early in the day. Then, it’s time to shower and get outside!


By about 9AM, I walk through various parts of Brooklyn until I wind my way to SHAKTIBARRE. Once at the studio, after 30 minutes of waking, I’ve had time to intuit what my ideal breakfast should be that morning. I draw upon years as a certified personal trainer and love getting all the macronutrients in each meal, but I rely on my joy and healthful cravings to determine the ingredients. For example, today I ate an avocado toast at our SHAKTIBARRE cafe but added some turkey and an apple on the side as this beloved, trendy treat is mainly carbs and fat. I also opt for the best version of whatever I’m eating. Today, the bread was actually a sweet potato because Leslie McDonald from Holistic Happening gave me that idea and who would deny her?



Now for lunch, where I’d like to keep the convo going about “the best version of whatever I’m eating.” I’m going to argue that one of the premier ways to ensure high-quality, high-vibe lunches is to make them. One of my favorite websites for this is Protein Pow, where Anna Sward has made it impossible for you not to turn your protein powder of choice into a no bullshit version of your fave foods, even bread! Lunch was a green salad with carrots and purple cabbage, salmon, and homemade, olive-oil and sea salt drizzled protein bread featuring pumpkin seeds, coconut flour, eggs, flax, and almond milk.



After tons of meetings with event partners, brainstorm and finance sessions with my irreplaceable co-founder Shauny Lamba, and lots of creative time with social media and teachers, it’s time to teach! The night classes are getting absurdly full so I have the most powerful snack ever. I make a Spirulina Nicecream cup with one frozen banana, 1TBS almond butter, 2TSP chia seeds, 1 scoop Spirulina, and blueberries with toasted oats on top! I get it from 3 Roots in Greenpoint I also try (and fail) to replicate it at home.


I don’t drink or smoke but if I did, I imagine bedtime would be what pleasure-land feels like. Dinner and bed have become a dynamic duo that have stolen my heart. You will see my nourishment before sleeping is still unprocessed, colorful, and packed with nutrients. Behold a salad with kale, watercress, potatoes, tofu, carrots, and ginger dressing. Plus, there’s a side of tea as big as my head. At this time of day I reflect on how grateful I am for everything that manifested during and between meals since I woke up, and I jot these thoughts down on paper again.