Health | June 9th 2017

What She Eats: Danielle & Laura Kosann

If you’re looking for a duo that embodies true #SisterGoals, meet Danielle and Laura Kosann, the amazing sisters behind The New Potato. The Kossan sisters started their online magazine in 2013 as a way for readers to catch up on the latest fashion, beauty, health, and cultural trends, all through the lens of delicious food. Danielle and Laura are revolutionizing the culinary experience, redefining the average foodie, and killing it every step of the way. We sat down with our favorite sisters and asked them what they like to eat in a day. Here’s what they told us:

J. Crew | In the Kitchen with The New Potato Photo by Bryan Derballa

Our general philosophy when it comes to food is moderation, always. We are always conscious of what we’re putting into our bodies, and throughout the day always make sure to drink a ton of water, eat a lot of leafy green veggies and good fats. Having said that, food for us is an experience, and one of the best parts of life, so we always make it fun, and we never deprive ourselves. We always try to stay balanced. Everything in moderation, including moderation.


Growing up, we were never allowed to skip breakfast, and we find that if we do, we’re kind of weirdly hungry all day. Neither of us are really creatures of habit when it comes to food; obviously we have certain things we like and eat often, but we like to mix it up when it comes to breakfast and usually just eat what we’re craving. We always start the day with coffee and a big glass of water. We drink tons of water throughout the day. It’s probably our most healthy habit. If we’re making breakfast at home, usually it includes soaked oats with coconut or almond milk and berries, oatmeal, granola, Greek yogurt, or ezekiel bread with almond butter or peanut butter. We love accompanying whatever we’re eating with a lot of berries in the morning, as we find they really fill us up for the day and then we’re not starving in two hours.


If the two of us go out for breakfast, which we often do for meetings or just sister breakfasts, we usually always order eggs with avocado and smoked salmon, and a side of berries. We also love walking our dogs in the park in the morning, and if we do that we’ll sometimes just grab a quinoa scone or chocolate croissant from Le Pain Quotidien. In general, we always find that if we don’t have what we’re craving (i.e. the occasional chocolate croissant) we end up eating much worse. It’s so important to let yourself have things your craving in moderation.


Lunch is probably the meal where our tastes differ the most. It’s also always our healthiest meal of the day, as we’d much rather pack in lots of nutrients at lunch and enjoy our dinner. Danielle usually goes for some sort of grain bowl packed with lots of veggies, like chickpeas, sweet potato, broccoli rabe, kale, avocado, and maybe some salmon if any meat at all. The best in the city is Maya’s Grain Bowl at Jack’s Wife Freda, which she probably has twice a week. Laura likes to eat a little more simply: a salad with grilled chicken and veggies is usually her go-to.  If we’re both out to lunch together, we usually both ending ordering a greek salad of some kind, and we both love Sweetgreen salads as well.

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When we want to have an indulgent sister lunch, we do to Fred’s at Barneys and have the Madison Avenue Salad, which is tuna and tons of veggies all chopped up. Chopped salads are one of our favorite things, and it’s kind of hard to find them on menus nowadays! Protein and fiber are key at lunch time, which is why Laura always goes for grilled chicken and Danielle always goes for fiber-packed veggies. Both are key in keeping us full and energized through the rest of the day. Sometimes if we’re craving it, we’ll have a sandwich or something, and always find we’re much hungrier than when we stick to our usually lunch formulas.

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Honestly, we are not big snackers. If we do snack, we’ll grab a handful of almonds or Mary’s Gone Crackers with hummus and some berries.  If we’re craving something sweet, we love Hu Kitchen’s organic dark chocolate bars. We’ve also come to love a Golden Latte in the afternoon. Bluestone Lane has a delicious one. It’s made with turmeric, ginger, honey, coconut milk and cinnamon. It feels like a treat and it’s good for you, which is always a plus!

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Dinner is our favorite meal of the day and the meal where we always indulge the most. Dinner is always an event for us, even if it’s a boring weeknight healthy meal. We love to cook, and usually do at least 3 nights a week, and then occasionally have work or social dinners one night, and then on the weekends we almost always go out. During the week we cook on the healthier side and then on the weekends we always eat whatever we want.

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Some of our weekday dinners are chicken coconut curry with bok choy and eggplant, turkey bolognese with whole wheat pasta, chicken stir fry with brown rice, and pesto/mustard salmon with a side of sweet potato and veggies. We also love to make a roast chicken with potatoes and root vegetables. We also like to have a glass of wine at night.

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On the weekends, we love to go out. Some of our favorite spots are Locanda Verde for pasta or the roast chicken, Barbuto also for roast chicken and pasta, or Polo Bar for a great burger or steak if we’re craving some red meat. Loring Place is also a recent favorite. The food is fantastic and it’s such a fun place to go with friends and share a ton of dishes.


Featured Image Courtesy of Monica Rich Kosann