Health | July 14th 2017

What She Eats: Elizabeth Stein

When Elizabeth Stein founded her own line of natural packaged foods in 2009, she had no idea just how huge her company, Purely Elizabeth, would eventually become. As CEO and founder, Elizabeth practices what she preaches, and she loves it. Purely Elizabeth is all about better-tasting healthy alternatives to processed snacks, and the company uses powerful superfoods and ancient grains to stay ahead of the curve and redefine the meaning of packaged food. We asked Elizabeth what she likes to eat in an average day, and here’s what she told us:


I usually get up early to workout before heading into the office. I love going to Mecha Fitness classes or hiking on one of the many Boulder trails. In order to get an initial boost of energy, I actually don’t look to coffee but to Om Mushroom Energy. I mix the Om powder with water and drink it right when I wake up. The adaptogenic mushrooms, Cordyceps and Reishi, give me the sustainable energy I need to get the day going.

After working out, it’s time for my for breakfast, and one of my go-to meals is Kite Hill yogurt, Nuttzo power fuel + our Chocolate Sea Salt Probiotic Granola. I love this breakfast because it is so simple and easy to prepare, and it is also full of nutrients, protein, and probiotics.


For lunch, I am super focused on consuming as many greens as possible to keep my meal as nutrient-dense and clean as possible. I also love trying out new salad recipes. One of my summer faves is Strawberry, Pea, Burrata Salad.

When the salads start to get boring, I like to shake it up with a fun recipe like Summer Veggie Rolls with spicy peanut butter sauce. It’s so delicious.


When that mid-afternoon slump happens, I am lucky to be working in an office surrounded by many of the goodies we make. I usually go for a handful of our Coconut Cashew Grain-Free Granola or one of our Superfood Oatmeal Cups. These snacks are quick + convenient, satisfying my snack-craving, without being loaded up with sugars.


After work, there is no better way for me to unwind and relax than pouring a glass of wine and preparing a meal. I’m very inspired by Mediterranean + Italian cooking and also love incorporating clean protein like fish in my dinners. Salmon with Fava, Morels, Spinach + Cauliflower Rice is one of my favorite new summer dinner recipes I came up with for our Purely Summer Magazine.


I actually have a huge sweet tooth and have loved dessert ever since I was a kid. One of my favorite things to do is to now is to come up with healthier recipes that are still super delicious but also guilt-free. In my cookbook, Eating Purely, the dessert section was definitely the most fun to create. Throughout the week I try to limit having dessert, but on the weekend I’ll whip myself up some Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp or something else from my cookbook to enjoy + share with friends. I go for fresher ingredients, lots of berries and herbs like mint, and then substitute heavy carbs for Ancient Grains or alternative flours.