Health | January 13th 2017

What She Eats: Jacey Lambros & Dani DeAngelo

If you guys still haven’t been to a workout at Jane DO in Jersey City, we’re giving you two amazing reasons to get there: Jacey & Dani. We fell in love with these girls’ infectious attitude and uplifting spirit as soon as we stepped in the studio, and we couldn’t be happier to be featuring them in our new series. Jane DO is all about DOING incredible things, and we can’t wait to show you what these incredible women shared with us about their daily diets and lifestyle choices. Here’s what they had to say: 

It’s gonna sound cheesy (yum, cheesy), but we like to think of ourselves as ambassadors of confidence.  Our quest is to create a lifestyle movement that starts with an inside-out approach to everything we do, and a realistic interpretation of what it means to be healthy.

orange you hungry

We believe what makes us strong are the tensions between our assets. We are strong but supple, fun yet focused, and the list goes on.  We use variants of each of these vital ingredients to find strength within ourselves and to use that strength to empower our clients.  One way we do this is by taking a realistic approach to how we eat.  Our weekly fitness regimen also gives us the luxury to make choices with less guilt and much satisfaction. With that being said, here’s what our daily diet looks like:


Jacey: I like to start my day with a venti iced coffee with a touch of half and half. For breakfast, I’ll usually have a toasted Bays english muffin with natural peanut butter. I love the way the natural peanut butter melts and drips all over everything. I end up wearing much of it for the rest of the day! I swear I find it everywhere.

Dani: For breakfast, I like to have a chocolate Myoplex light shake with one banana and a scoop of PB2. I’ll also drink water and a decaf black tea with milk. The shake might be the least healthy and most processed thing I have all day. The consistency literally makes Jacey gag.  I just love that it’s the right amount of food before jumping (pun intended) into a trampoline class.
 shake it down now
We’re on the elementary school schedule, so sometimes lunch happens as early as 11AM. We both love Whole Foods, and it’s directly across from the studio, which is super convenient. We like getting their brown rice spicy salmon and avocado sushi roll and their antibiotic-free chicken tenders. If you follow us on Instagram, you will see just how often this is our choice lunch.


Snack time literally happens all day, whether it’s between meetings or after classes. We love honey crisp apples, dried mangos, Chobani flips, string cheese, and clementines. We fill our bags with snacks and always pack two of everything so that neither of us are jealous. We also go on a mid-day Starbucks walk to clear our minds and chat. It’s our second of the day, and we call it our “companionable cup.”


We should start by letting everyone know that we don’t live together, but we are the closest of friends. Dinner time together allows us to spend time as friends and cooking is also something we both enjoy.  We’d rather cook at home than eat out! It allows us to know exactly what is going into our meals, and we can take the leftovers to one of our studios for lunch.

We’ll usually have rice crackers with cheese and hummus as an appetizer, and then Turkey bolognese with sauteed spinach and garlic bread. The bolognese is Jacey’s mom’s recipe!

Ultimately, we believe that accomplishments deserve to be rewarded. If you measure success by confidence instead of inches or pounds lost, you can live a life of satisfaction and satiation.  We don’t believe in deprivation because it leads to longing and often times to a very poor choice.  We always say, “Order the fries, just share them.”
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