Health | January 20th 2017

What She Eats: Lacee Lazoff

Lacee Lazoff is one of our favorite NYC trainers, and she’s one of the newest FHIT Pros at The Fhitting Room. She specializes in kettlebell and bodyweight training, and when it comes to her nutrition, she doesn’t mess around. Lacee relies on whole ingredients, healthy fats, and calorie-dense fuel to get her through the day. We asked her to share with us what she eats on a regular day, along with some photos and tips about her healthy lifestyle. We can’t wait to show you what she shared! 
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My personal training clients and classes at Fhitting Room start early; most days of the work week I am up by 4:15-5:00am. Since I am leaving my apartment early and might not have a chance to eat for a few hours, I always make sure I have something small, with a good balance of carbs and fats for energy and endurance. I start out with a liter of water and a shot of apple cider vinegar straight away! Then it’s on to prepping breakfast.

This breakfast takes about five minutes with the prep work included. Coffee is a must for me (I dream about it at night) and I make my first cup fresh in my french press. I’ll grind beans right away, add them to the french press, then blend with two spoonfuls of coconut oil in my Vitamix once the coffee is ready. The coconut oil makes the coffee creamy and the fat content keeps me full for a few hours.


My favorite breakfast in the winter months is a mixture of instant Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal, with a scoop of Sun Warrior vanilla protein mixed in. I’ll also add a handful of raw cashews and lots of seeds. My favorite mixture is a pre-made mix from a brand called Qi’a. This can be substituted with a spoonful of chia and whole flax seeds. If I have an apple or banana handy, I’ll chop and add half to the oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon and sea salt.


I’m a huge proponent of non-packaged snacks and try to go for whole food as much as possible. I’ll usually go for an avocado, an apple, raw cashews or hard boiled eggs. They’re calorie dense and keep me satiated between meals and after a workout.
If I’m in a pinch, I’ll hit up a fruit stand in the city for a quick piece or fruit, will grab a green guardian smoothie from Juice Generation or a clean green protein smoothie from Juice Press.

Water is very important and I keep a bottle with me at all times; often times, snacking isn’t necessary if you are drinking enough water. Most adults don’t realize they should be having at least 3 liters each day!


I usually eat lunch on the go, and I always go with salad because it’s easy and a great way to load up on fiber and greens. The salad bar at Whole Foods is my number one because it is so easy to customize. This salad full of spinach, quinoa, black beans, zucchini, broccoli a little feta cheese and olive oil for dressing. Avoid all pre-made sides, as they can be full of added sauces with excess oils and sugars. I’ll usually only go with quinoa or rice sides if anything. Another one of my favorite spots is the salad bar at Lifetyme Market on 6th Avenue. There are so many options to build a salad. I’ll mix some veggies and fruit with a piece of chicken. It’s a really balanced lunch that gets me through the day.
Dinner is not much different than lunch; protein, fiber, fats. If I’m home, I’ll make a veggie stir fry with coconut oil and some kind of bean. I’ll saute veggies in a pan and add in beans with sea salt and chili flakes. If I’m getting take-out or ordering in, I try to follow the same formula.
This dinner is a mixture of greens and veggies, navy beans, cashews and a side of avocado (yes more avocado) and Mary’s Gone crackers. I love red wine and will usually buy a nice bottle every week and have a glass with dinner. If I’m out for dinner, it’s pretty much the same. When I indulge, I make sure to watch my portions.
Some nights, I’ll get home late and make protein pancakes. I just use two eggs, two scoops of protein powder, a pinch of baking soda, baking powder, half a banana and water. I’ll usually use my left over banana or apple half from the morning. This is also a healthy way to curb a sweet tooth!