Health | June 30th 2017

What She Eats: Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams is a badass Nike trainer, an instructor at Project by Equinox, a fitness model, and even has her own #ChiselClub if you’re up for a challenge. Lauren believes in living a life filled with serious training, delicious whole foods, and lots of laughs, which is probably why her smile is so contagious. We caught up with Lauren and asked her what she typically eats to fuel her busiest days of training clients and staying active in New York City. Here’s what she told us:

My breakfast usually varies depending on my work, travel and workout schedule that day. Most of the time, my breakfast has to be quick one, either before or between clients and classes. Boiled eggs are such a go-to for me. I can prepare them the night before and throw them in my bag if I’m in a rush.

I also enjoy brewing something from my eclectic tea collection first thing. It feels like a luxurious, tasty wake up call. Sometimes, I do intermittent fasting in the morning, so that means I skip breakfast and just savor a black or green tea throughout the morning until it’s time for lunch.

My main goal with my eating choices throughout the day is to make sure I’m getting enough veggies. It’s a simple yet important goal and it helps me reach for healthier options even when I’m craving something else.

If I’m cooking, I keep it simple and throw an assortment of veggies into a stir fry or roast them in the oven with turmeric, olive oil, salt, pepper and maybe some chili flakes. It’s simple to make and it’s super filling.

After lunch, I usually keep snacks on me throughout the afternoon. Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, cheese and nuts are my favorites. I also love red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, pears, apples, cherries, and cheese- usually parmesan or cheddar. I’m completely obsessed with cashews, which I think I got from my dad. Cashews and pistachios are definitely my staples when I’m in a rush and need something on the go. If I’m treating myself, Trader Joe’s plantain chips are delicious.

Dinner is absolutely my favorite meal of the day. It is usually the first moment of true calm and decompression after a crazy day running around.

I lean towards chicken or fish if I’m having animal protein and whatever else strikes my fancy (or is in the fridge) that day. My corn craving has lasted a couple weeks at this point, and as per usual I’ve dragged some innocent bystanders into it as well. Yum!


Featured Image by Tatiana Katkova