Health | November 7th 2016

What to Know When You go to the Polls

Our resident political junkie, Lauryn Goldberg, fills us in on what to know when you get to the polls!


Whether this is the first election you’re voting in (congrats!) or you just need a refresher on what a trip to the polls looks like, check out what to know before casting your ballot.

  1. First thing’s first. Are you registered to vote? There’s a quick and easy way to check.
  2. Location is key. You will only be allowed to vote at your designated polling place. Confirm where your polling site is at by checking your state’s Board of Elections website the night before.
  3. “I’m on the list.” Get checked-in when you arrive at your polling site by providing your address, or required ID. Not on the list? Don’t stress – as long as you’re a registered voter and are at the correct polling location, you can fill-out an Affidavit Ballot and your vote will still be counted.
  4. Punch it, scan it, mark it. Depending on what state you are voting in, you either punch a card, fill-in a Scantron paper ballot, or click a button on a screen. Any way you do it – your vote gets counted.
  5. Time to get Down. It’s not just about the top of the ticket vote. There are multiple contests down the ballot for candidates running at the federal, state and local level. Just because a candidate might be popular at the top of the ticket, does not guarantee that the bottom half will follow suit. Want a sneak peek at your local ballot? In most states you can get a sample ballot on your state’s Board of Election website.


Bonus: Post up. You did the damn thing. Grab a sticker on your way out and join the #HBFITgirls by posting a #selfie and tagging us and #HBFITvotes to celebrate your democratic accomplishment! We can’t wait to see your pics.