Health | October 11th 2017

Work & Play: Alexandra Bonetti

Alxandra Bonetti is one kick ass lady! Founder of the Bari Studio, this mama and entrepreneur created the ultimate hybrid workout we live for! We asked her to give us the DL on how she practices self care while balancing two studios, being a mama and staying healthy:


How did you get into the wellness field? What inspired you to start the Bari studio?

Short version: I sought out to create the workout that I needed but didn’t exist — one that was fun, gave me the results I wanted and kept me coming back for more.

Full story: While working in consulting, I found myself struggling to balance a million different workouts in order to look and feel the way I wanted. I would go for a run one day, do a weights class another day, do pilates the next day, try to hit the elliptical when I could — the list goes on. But no matter how many classes I squeezed in, or personal training sessions I splurged on, I still didn’t look or feel the way I wanted because I wasn’t getting the right recipe of cardio and muscle sculpting to actually change my body. I decided to take my fitness plan and body into my own hands and little by little started creating what Bari’s method would become — something that really worked.

As I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together to create a workout routine that my body responded to, I also felt a shift mentally. I went from stressing about and dreading my workouts to feeling effortless motivation and excitement. As soon as I figured out this formula, it felt like I’d hacked the system; I fell in love with the feel-good power of a consistent workout practice (and the results that follow) and I felt so proud of my body and the hard work I was putting in.

I knew I was onto something, and I couldn’t shake the opportunity to see it through. I was good at consulting, but I was invigorated by Bari. So, I left my job in consulting and followed a hunch. I knew that if I wanted a more efficient, fun workout, other people were craving the same thing.

What was the most challenging part of launching the Bari studio at such a young age? What has been the most rewarding part?

The most challenging and the most rewarding has been finding the best team to work with. When you work a lot, your team becomes family and it’s important it’s people you can learn from, grow with and spend a ton of time with. Finding my Bari family has been tough but the best part of my job.

What is your self care philosophy?

Mostly do things that make you truly happy. I think as women we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do everything and do it well. I think we should choose the stuff that really makes our soul get excited – and do more of that. There’s always things we’ll have to do to make our world go ‘round that we’re not necessarily thrilled about, but it should be the minority.

Tell us about an average day in the life. What’s important to you throughout the day? What is the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night?

There is no average day, and I like it that way. I do try to spend quality time with my baby, Joaquin, every single day. I also meditate morning and evening for 20 minutes each. I would say those are the two most important things I do on the daily.

What’s an ideal day in NYC?

Weekdays and weekends are quite different, because weekends are family days for me. During the week, I like having jampacked days where I get to go into the studio, take a class, meet with a trainer, meet with an editor or a client, work on a cool program or marketing campaign, hang out with my baby and cook a meal. On the weekend, my husband and I love to spend time outside or head upstate for a hike with Joaquin and our pup, Yosh.

What are your 3 favorite things right now?

My husband. My baby. My puppy.

We like to think of this series as a how-to for young women trying to figure their shit out from women who seemingly have it all. Do you have it all? Advice to fellow young go getters out there?

I think your “all” shouldn’t be too long. I am pretty fortunate, I have the three things that make me happy: my family, an awesome network of real friends I love and jobs/projects that feed my brain and soul.