Health | May 22nd 2018

Work & Play: Brittany Peltz

28-year-old Designer And Founder of clothing brand Leah + Rae tells us about being a mom and entrepreneur.

What was your main inspiration behind Leah + Rae?

My two girls! Leah + Rae came to fruition after I gave birth to my second daughter. I always loved creating and designing, since my days as a competitive figure skater where I would design all of my own costumes. This experience definitely informed my design principles and belief that clothes should inspire movement and play, especially when it comes to children.

I also draw a lot of inspiration from my travels. From a young age, I spent summers in the South of France with my family and fell in love with their sense of timeless beauty and soft color palette.

What makes Leah + Rae’s clothing stand out?

All of Leah + Rae’s pieces are made from the softest fabrics that feature beautiful hand embroidery and elegant trimmings. Each piece is truly unique in the level of detail that goes into the hand crafted garments made in a women run factory in the heart of Manhattan. I could not be more grateful for all the women that work so hard on making our collection beautiful!

What advice do you have for other mothers and women who want to start their own business?

Believe in yourself! Everyone has a unique story and perspective that informs their life – make this your super power!

Let your children and your family be your guiding light and inspiration. They will undoubtedly bring you to new adventures and heights.

Becoming a mother has informed every part of my life; not only as a woman but also as a business woman. It has held me to the highest standards and values and inspired me to always stay true to myself.

How do you balance a busy work/family life while still finding time for yourself?

I am very lucky that my work involves my children on every level.  This allows them to be engaged and feel a part of what Momma is doing. I am truly grateful for this very special and unique circumstance.

When I decided to work and found my company, I made a promise to myself and my family that no matter what, my girls will always come first.

It is definitely a constant effort to balance my work life and home life but I have found it very helpful to make certain times and commitments non-negotiable. My mornings and evenings are for my girls. We have breakfast together everyday before walking my eldest to school. And in the evenings bath-time and story time is ours. Its important that we start and end the day as family.

What does your typical self-care practice consist of?

Each morning before I leave the apartment, I say a small prayer of gratitude and list the things I am most thankful for in addition to setting a few goals and intentions. This is very helpful to keep me positive and focused.

What is your go-to fitness/wellness routine?

My weekly fitness routine consists of workouts with my wellness coach Rosalia Chann. I absolutely love her! We have worked together for over three years now and she has seen me through both pregnancies.  Our sessions are not purely based on physical fitness but involve a lot of mind body work to set intentions and inspire continued healthy habits.

I am also a health food enthusiast and a big fan of clean eating. I start my mornings with a green juice and a coconut milk cappuccino which sets me up for the day and I cannot survive without coconut water. I’m constantly experimenting with the latest health food spots, snack or supplement. Thats definitely one of the perks of living in Manhattan.

What are three things you could not live without?

My three babies: my husband and my two girls.

Describe your perfect day?

My perfect day is a relaxed day with my family – big and small. We often go to my parents on weekends to escape the city and enjoy some nature. These slow days are often the best days. A few highlights from our country weekends are definitely early morning berry picking in the garden and a trip to the farmers market with grandpa!