Beauty | November 8th 2017

Work & Play: Stephanie Mark

Co-founder of The Coveteur, stylist and entrepreneur, Stephanie Mark is one lady we are very impressed with!!  In between closets, photoshoots, and fashion week, we caught up with Stephanie to find out how she tries to stay balanced throughout her busy schedule:

What was the motivation to start the Coveteur? What were you doing before it began?

The main motivation to start The Coveteur was to have a project I was passionate about. I had moved back to Toronto for a job that hasn’t given me the passion and enthusiasm I was hoping it would so I was motivated to make it for myself! Before Coveteur started I was working in marketing and as a freelance stylist.

What’s your role at The Coveteur today?

Today most of my time at Coveteur is spent doing business development or traveling for the brand.

Tell us about a day in the life. What’s the first thing you do in the morning and last thing you do at night?

The first thing I do when I wake up is: drink water, make a coffee, go to the gym. After that I come home and get ready for my day which normally consists of being in the office and going to meetings. After work I will most likely either meet up with friends, go see my sister and my nephew or go home to try and relax for a bit. Once I am ready for bed I do my nighttime routine, try not to pick up my phone until the morning and read in bed for a bit.

What is your self-care philosophy?

Over the past couple of years I have become very aware and a big advocate of self-care. YOU MUST DO IT. You cannot be your best self without it. To me, self-care means taking time for yourself to do things that will make you feel your best and taking care of your emotional and physical well being. It means saying no to certain things when you are tired. It means making time to go to the gym if it makes you feel good and alleviates your stress. It means, if going to the salon relaxes you, then you should carve out the time to do so. It doesn’t mean you only do things for yourself and not for others, it just means that you are showing yourself compassion and putting yourself as a priority.


Fashion month has come and gone, and the next seems like it’s already sneaking up on us – how did you manage your beauty and wellness routine throughout the chaos?

When I am in NYC I try my best to keep up my beauty and wellness routines. This means limiting alcohol, trying to get to the gym as often as I can without exhausting myself, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. When I am traveling I used to try to go to the gym every morning and put unrealistic expectations on what I should be doing while I was on the road. This left me jet lagged and running around new cities at 6am trying to make it to a fitness class, which just left me exhausted and depleted. Now, I set goals for myself when I travel and also know that during fashion month I will not be able to work out in cities like Paris in London as much as I would like and that I will also be drinking more, which is ok!


What are your priorities when it comes to health, beauty, and fitness?

In order to stick to any regimen or routine you have to find what works for you. If everyone is doing crossfit, for example, but you don’t like it or it isn’t giving you the results you are looking to achieve, find something new! The best way to stick to something is when you have fun doing and see results.

3 favorite products you can’t live without right now?

Chanel Solution 10
Design for Health chocolate Mint Fiber Bars
My Chanel Sparkle Boots

What are your 3 favorite Coveteur takeovers?

I honestly can’t choose!

What are a couple timeless trends you’ve seen since coveting the closets of celebs?

A good wideleg pant and investing in a couple statement bags will take you very far.