Health | September 30th 2016

Workaholics Anonymous: The Stress Busting Techniques That Will Help Keep You On Track

Workaholics Anonymous: The Stress Busting Techniques That Will Help Keep You On Track

Sometimes, overachieving can happen by accident. If you’re a team leader, chances are you have the kind of experiences and know-how to get stuff done that’s always in demand. And that sometimes means that you’re always being asked to help out.

Whether it’s in the office or in the rest of your busy life, workaholics are bound to be ultra-stress-prone. And with your schedule so hectic, it’s hard to take a second to sit back and bust that stress.

How can go-getters stay on their grind without working themselves nuts? Well, relax, breathe, sit down, and keep reading to find out our stress-busting tips.

Remember, prioritizing is essential. With everything happening at once, we can waste valuable time and mental energy on silly things that might not be as important to us. What’s worse it how this can take a toll on our overall wellbeing.

Prioritize your health, and prioritize your projects. Writing things down, along with deadlines and clear task lists, is an excellent way to make sure you stay on track and in the zone. This will also help you turn your ideas into action items, which you can then delegate to other team members. Remember, there’s no shame in reaching out for help. That’s what friends and coworkers are for (and it’s probably why you’re always helping out in the first place)!

Prioritizing and reaching out are essential stress-busting techniques that make a world of difference. Giving yourself the opportunity to think about your wellbeing first goes a long way — when you’re not stretched thin, you can do more and do better. That’s why even the simple act of saying ‘no’ every now and then is a surprisingly powerful way to reduce your commitments only to what you’ll be able to help with the most.

Saying no can be difficult. We’re so used to motivating ourselves to more and try harder, that we forget to celebrate what we’ve already accomplished. Remind yourself of your greatness! Being stressed is not your fault, and it’s not always a negative thing. But just as stress is part of an active lifestyle, so is balance. That’s why workaholics should aim to include meditation, relaxation, and reconnection in their daily routines.

Taking a moment to talk with friends, enjoy a meal, get a good night’s sleep, or treat yourself to something special is also part of being a #GirlBoss. Love yourself, workaholic! You deserve it.