Health | June 20th 2017

WTF is a Period Cup?

Every boss bitch deals with it, and honestly it can sometimes really suck. We are talking periods ladies, the crimson tide. There seems to be a lot chatter about good old Aunt Flo these days, which is great because it means more people are comfortable talking about it! But with all of this chatter comes a lot of questions. A big one seems to be WTF is a period cup? Followed by, wow do you use it? Where do I buy one? And what are my options? The HBFIT team is here to break it down, so YOU (the people!) can decide if it might be a good alternative to tampons/pads.

What are they?

Period cups are an effective, safe alternative to tampons and pads. The period cup catches your cycle instead of absorbing it, which is the main difference between the cup and a tampon. They are easy to use, simply fold and and insert into the vaginal canal. They are made of medical grade silicone, making them reusable and economical (and sustainable)! They’re also typically safe for those who have IUDs (although we always recommend discussing with your doctor first).

How do they work?

Every cup works a bit differently, but they all have the same end goal: to catch your flow.  Often a period cup goes in your vaginal canal, the exact same placement as a tampon. Depending on the brand and your flow, you can keep your cup in for up to 12 hours.

Brand Recs:

Diva Cup: Definitely the most well known period cup around. The Diva cup provides a no leak, no odor protection. Not to mention the name is amazing, we are all DIVAS at heart, ok?

Lunette Cup:  Coming in multiple sizes and colors, the Lunette cup leaves you with options. The Lunette cup is a popular option and they also have a super informative site!

Ruby Cup: The menstrual cup that makes a difference. The Ruby Cup is committed to creating menstrual health awareness in developing countries. For every cup that is bought, a Ruby Cup is donated to a female who may not have access to sanitary products.

Lily Cup:  A collapsable and compact menstrual cup. It also comes in multiple sizes depending on your flow and whether or not you’ve had children.


Flex:  So, this alternative is not considered a menstrual cup but it is a super effective way to have sex with no mess! Flex is a bit different in the sense that it is disposable, (but more eco-friendly than tampons) and the placement is a bit different than your typical period cup. It is inserted past the vaginal canal which makes it possible to have clean sex when you’re on your period.



Featured Image courtesy of @Rubycup