Health | July 25th 2017

WTF Is Bone Broth?

So this stuff seems to be the new green pressed juice and attracting the wellness crowd for sure. BONE BROTH. This collagen packed anti-inflammatory detoxing soup has been extremely popular throughout these last few months and with all of its immense benefits, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

So what is it?

Bone broth is basically simmered water with meat bones (chicken, beef, fish, or vegetables) and often has additional ingredients depending on what you like. The longer/slower this stuff is cooked, the tastier. Bone broth is known to have huge health benefits. It is thought to improve gut health, boost collagen, and protect your joints. It’s also a great source of protein (typically around 15g!!) and if you’re trying to shed a few lbs (although you’re beautiful just the way you are) it is thought to encourage weight loss as well.

Here’s a comparison visual courtesy of Springbone Kitchen

COL-LO-GEN: The main structural protein in the extracellular space in the various connective tissues in animal bodies. It is the most abundant protein in mammals and is used in its purified form for cosmetic treatments. SO! The animal bones used to make bone broth are packed with collagen. Apologies to any plant based foodies out there, unfortunately veg broth won’t have any collagen (sad face).

Interested in trying bone broth? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite spots:


Soupure Healing Broth 

Soupure is a fantastic online option for those who live in areas lacking bone broth. They offer an 8 pack of healing broths. Choose from a variety of beef, chicken, and veggie broth.

Brodo (NYC) 

Definitely an HBFIT favorite. Brodo has a ton of different broths that can be infused with all types of different things. Hannah’s favorite? The Oishi Oishi which is a chicken broth combined with shitake tea, reishi powder, garlic puree, and grass fed butter. That is just 1 of 11 COMBOS! Also, if you’re plant based Brodo makes a great veggie broth that obviously won’t have the collagen benefits but it’s still delicious.


Springbone is a healthy eaters paradise, you’ll feel good after eating what this health spot has to offer. Springbone strives to serve REAL foods and that includes a dreamy selection of broths. They offer a ‘chicken zoodle soup’ along with a coconut infused broth that are both super tasty. Not only that Springbone is another bone broth destination that serves a daily vegetable broth.


Originating in LA, Barebones can actually be found in an array of grocery stores throughout the United States. They specialize in chicken and beef broths, in addition to this you can sip the broth on the go or store it in the freezer for a later date. Barebones is a fantastic choice if the Broth trend hasn’t hit your city yet.

Chicago Bone Broth

This stuff is AMAZING. Chicago Bone Broth not only makes delicious broth but when you purchase their products they provide their nutrient dense broths to soup kitchens in the Chicago area. Unfortunately, they are yet to have as store front but it can be found at boutique markets and they also do a home delivery.

Kitch Fix (Chicago)

Kitch Fix is a clean eats destination for those living in Chicago. Their gold coast store front serves up smoothies, coffee, matcha, and of course bone broth. They offer a herbed beef and a thai chicken broth that are bound to fulfill any savory cravings you may have. They also have DOPE on the go meals like paleo sloppy joes (yum) and green grain bowls.


Bonafide provisions (ONLINE & LOCAL STORES)

This stuff is FANTASTIC and you can get it delivered right to your door.  Non-GMO, grass fed, pasture raised, and real- Bonafide provisions is on a mission to make their product available to everyone. They offer a turkey, chicken, and beef broth not to mention they also sell drinkable veggies that look pretty tasty as well.








Feature image courtesy of Springbone