Health | August 1st 2017


ALRIGHT, so WTF is MCT oil? HB loves it, health enthusiasts are adding it to their potions and matcha, but can they tell the people what it is? Honestly, it is actually pretty simple but we are here to break it down as far as health benefits, brands we like, and why you might want to give it a try.

WTF is it?

MCT Oil stands for Medium-Chain Triglycerides. It whose fatty acids have an aliphatic tail of 6–12 carbon atoms. It is a form of saturated fatty acid with an aliphatic tail of 6-12 carbon atoms.

Excuse me?

Lets break it down. MCTs are a form of saturated fats that up until recently were thought to be extremely unhealthy. Western diets often encourage people to stay away from fats all together but recent research has shown that the body NEEDS these fats to function. MCT is most commonly found in coconut oil but with its more recent popularity you can buy it in its more concentrated form (MCT oil). However, coconut oil is made up of about 65% MCT! You can also find MCT in grass fed beef, grass fed ghee/butter, palm oil, and full fat milk. Though these options are not as concentrated as pure MCT oil, or coconut oil. The benefits of MCT oil includes are numerous. It is known to better metabolic function, provide energy, balance hormone levels, and boost metabolism. Reminder, like everything, MCT should be used/consumed in moderation. We don’t recommend eating this stuff by the spoonful all day, but one tablespoon in your morning matcha is the perfect hit for the optimum benefits.



Onnit emulsified MCT oil 

Great product for when you’re on the go. This emulsified MCT oil comes in 3 different flavors and can be incorporated into hot or cold liquids. Put some in a coffee, smoothie, or yogurt parfait.

Be Well by Dr. Lipman MCT oil 

This stuff can be taken plain or mixed in with a smoothie. Depending on your body/metabolism/ you can have up to three spoonfuls of this oil per day with food.

Eating Evolved Keto Cups 

Have a sweet tooth but trying to steer clear of sugar? Look no further! Eating Evolved has created the Keto Cup which are 100% dark chocolate coconut butter cups with added MCT oil. A super satisfying snack that will give you that much needed energy boost.

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil 

This stuff means business. It is highly refined coconut oil meant to give you a metabolic boost while also increasing energy. High quality fat meant to bring you up, not weigh you down.

4th and Heart Ghee

Alright, this stuff is great for cooking and an alternative if you want your MCTs but not from coconut oil. 4th and Heart ghee is great for cooking and adds a deliciously buttery flavor to anything you’re preparing.